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Synonyms for Mafia

a crime syndicate in the United States

any tightly knit group of trusted associates

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Hamirpur: There will be no politics of revenge if the BJP comes to power in Himachal Pradesh, says the party's chief ministerial candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal, asserting that restoration of law and order and eliminating the mafia in the state will be his first priority.
Accusing the Congress government of establishing a mafia raj, he said that Virbhadra Singh turned this "dev bhumi", the land of deities, into "drug bhumi and crime bhumi".
He said the liquor mafia and the tender mafia are also ruining the natural resources of Himachal.
Even though Varese's argument deals well with conventional mafia structures, none of the examples provided deal with the modern use of technology and cybercriminal groups.
Few Americans know about the connection between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the former Yugoslav National Army, the front end of a military-industrial complex riddled with mafia connections and ties to Serbian nationalist groups.
Downtown streets are regularly the scene of mafia assassinations or, in bungled cases, gunfights.
Tutors believe the module, called The Mafia Today, will be popular option and attract a full complement of 30 students.
The course, to be run by the university's international studies and law school, was introduced after earlier classes on Mafia history proved popular.
In view of above do we have any way to take the elections out of this mafia where all of our provinces are directly affected with this deadly infection?
Smith, Stealey and other mafia femmes discussed their femme community at Femme 2006's "The Atlanta Femme Mafia: Exploring and Creating Our Fabulous Femme Communities." Want to create a mafia of your own?
Grow your femme mafia the old-fashioned way: word of mouth.