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Synonyms for factor

Synonyms for factor

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

Synonyms for factor

one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

any of the numbers (or symbols) that form a product when multiplied together

an independent variable in statistics

be a contributing factor

consider as relevant when making a decision

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MAF raised $1 billion loan from a group of banks in July.
"MAF Dalkia's contract with Arcapita provides an opportunity to showcase a wide breadth of our facilities management offering."
Petersburg Times) was the general consensus from critics, who had begun reading Maf the Dog with extreme skepticism.
All services will be supported by our 24/7 helpdesk and asset management system"Benefiting from the existing strong global presence of Dalkia and being a holder of the ISO 9001-2008 certificate -- which ensures a high level of customer service and quality assurance -- this contract reflects the high level of service and expertise which MAF Dalkia offers to their clients across its business portfolio.
The dog is the central figure in O'Hagan's new novel - The Life And Opinions Of Maf The Dog, And Of His Friend Marilyn Monroe.
Benefiting from JCB's credit card business expertise and ORIX's experience in international finance, MAF JCB aims to meet the credit card needs of the market while playing a central role in strengthening MAF Group's customer services and marketing strategies.
Before going to the store, pull off the air duct between the air filter box and the throttle body to see how the MAF sensor is anchored.
The MAF group said the joint venture will drive revenues for the company while increasing the buying power of the 100 million customers it attracts every year.
"Interest in the Oneway is very high as customers are looking to replace existing Maf machines for higher capacities and lower operating cost," says Barry Ledger, sales manager of Tong Peal Engineering.
Among the world's military forces of the 21st century, the Myanmar Armed Forces (MAF), which uses the vernacular term Tatmadaw (literally the royal force) and controls state power through the ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), is unique in that it has held the reins of power for some three-quarters of the period since the country gained independence from the British in 1948.
Vital Living Inc., Phoenix, AZ, has plans to acquire privately held MAF BioNutritionals (MAF), Boonton, NJ.
She invited six Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) trustees to visit her camp at 10,500 feet.
MAF BioNutritionals, a company that specializes in whole-food nutraceuticals, has acquired the Boulder Bar Endurance brand for an undisclosed sum.
Studies of the Microciona aggregation factor (MAF) have thus far been focused upon its self-binding characteristics.
Korea's Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MAF) may soon propose mandatory country of origin labeling on beef sold in restaurants in response to "right to know" claims by consumers, according to the U.S.