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Synonyms for madam

a woman of refinement

a woman who runs a house of prostitution

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Figure 5 displays FTIR spectra of MMA-MAAM copolymers with different MAAM contents.
It would have been so simple, too: Just send MAAM FED UP NOW.
Silva SMB, Oliveira FS, Pereira Junior ES, Machado MAAM.
palindrome (1221) tautonym (2121) ANNA NANA BAAB (surname) ABAB (ch) COOC (ch) OCOC (hill - Mexico) DAAD (edd) ADAD ESSE SESE FAAF (wadi - Somalia) AFAF (Ethiopia) GAAG (chilblain - AGAG (mamsp) Manx) HUUH (p2) UH-UH ISSI (stream - Benin) SISI JAAJ (dje) AJAJ, Qal' at al (ruin - Bahrain) KAAK AKAK (Gabon) LAAL (edd) ALAL (ch) MAAM AMAM(locality-Ethiopia) NEEN ENEN ONNO (Italy) NONO PAAP (edd) APAP, Sungai (stream - Malaysia) QAAQ (Arabic: crow) AQAQ (well - UAE) REER ERER SAAS (eh) ASAS(stream- Eq.
For the third quarter of 2008, MAAM had negative revenues of $(48.