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a measure of the money supply

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For comparability with the United States, the inflation measure is the annualized quarterly change in the GDP deflator, and the money measure is the annualized quarterly growth rate of M3C. (19) The [R.sup.2] statistic for two-year-average growth rates of money and inflation in the Euro area is 64 percent--higher than the eight-year average growth rates for the United States.
El numero de ramificaciones laterales de inflorescencias de Deyeuxia recuperadas en cada microsector se detalla a continuacion: L4B: 550 y siete (dos agrupaciones) (Figura 2b); L4C: dos agrupaciones, una con una sola ramificacion y otra con un numero muy elevado de las mismas que no fue posible contar, ya que se encuentran aglomeradas por vellones de lana (Figura 2a); L4D: tres; M3C: seis; M4C: 130; M4A: 108; M4C: 12, respectivamente.
Ralph Chou, 770 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, ON M3C 1T3; 416-724-7827.
Caasco, Machines, 37 Prince Andrew PI., Toronto, ON M3C 2H2 Canada Phone: 416-445-6262, 800-387-4600 Fax: 416-445-3790 Email: sales@casscomachines.com Web: casscomachines.com
(MFX), 2 Morneau Sobeco Centre, 895 Don Mills Road, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M3C 1W3, Canada, by phone at 416-385-4814, or via e-mail: jclark@mfxfairfax.com.
Norton Utilities, ver 3: Symantec Canada, 895 Don Mills Road, 500-2 Park Centre, Don Mills, ON, M3C 1W6; Tel: 416-441-3676, 1-800-879-8050, http://www.symntec.com/
Oxford University Press, 70 Wynford Drive, Don Mills, ON M3C 1J9, 1998, pp.470, $35.95.
Canaryman says: You can join the sulty singer's fan club by writing to: PO Box 551, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, M3C 2T6.
For more information on our industry, membership, or to register for "Breakfast Briefings" contact: Tea Association of Canada / Tea Council of Canada, 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 301, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3C IV9.
895 Dom Mills Road North York, Ontario Canada M3C 1W3 416-448-2245 vnet ID#: Torolab3 (jslonim)
3 Send a copy of the above form to my attention in the Planned Giving Office via ssutton@presbyterian.ca fax: 416-441-2825 The Presbyterian Church in Canada Planned Giving Office (Sheryl Sutton) 5.0 Wynford Drive, Toronto, Ontario M3C 1J7
Toronto, Ontario M3C 1W3 Canada video files) on a single,
The Far Side Daily Planner, version 3.0, & Calendar Publisher 3.0 for Windows: Delrina Software, 895 Don Mills Road, 500-2 Park Centre, Don Mills, ON, M3C 1W3; Tel: 416-441-3676; 800-268-6082; Fax: 416-441-0333.
To learn more about Canada's tea industry or to obtain a copy of our monthly newsletter QualiTEA Update contact the organization at: 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 301, Don Mills, Ontario M3C IV9 Canada Tel: (416) 510-8647, Fax: (416) 510-8044