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a measure of the money supply

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The M3 money supply has increased by 10-fold over the past couple of decades.
Growth of the wider M3 money supply indicator, which measures cash, deposits and various other financial items, fell to 1.
Annual growth in Saudi Arabia's M3 money supply fell to 16.
M3 money supply growth, which takes into account foreign-currency deposits as well as longer-term time deposits, stood at 16.
According to SAMA's annual report, the M3 money supply (M2 plus large time deposits), rose 7.
Data support expectations for another negative GDP number in the first quarter of the year and together with the earlier slump in M3 money supply growth adds to pressure on the ECB to deliver another substantial rate cut next week and consider non-conventional tools to speed up monetary easing.
M3 money supply is estimated to be increasing by around 10 per cent per annum while above-ground gold reserves are increasing by only 2 per cent per annum.
The M3 money supply (adjusted for MMMFs) actually declined for the first two years, before a third year growth rate of 1.
Meanwhile, euro zone M3 money supply growth slowed sharply to 4.
Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), who sits on the domestic monetary policy subcommittee, observed not long ago that Alan Greenspan and other policymakers of the Fed have "more than doubled the M3 money supply in less than ten years.
A bigger-than-expected rise in the euro-zone M3 money supply data for July, announced Tuesday, somewhat dimmed the likelihood of a cut, dealers said.