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a measure of the money supply

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Moreover, if estimates of growth in foreign currency holdings are deleted for this three year period, the adjusted M3 money supply actually fell by about $7 billion (-0.2%).
A bigger-than-expected rise in the euro-zone M3 money supply data for July, announced Tuesday, somewhat dimmed the likelihood of a cut, dealers said.
Constantly pressured to lower interest rates, the ECB received some support on April 30 for its wait-and-see policy as a result of money supply figures showing that inflation is not fully under control in the Euro zone.ECB figures show that the M3 money supply has risen much faster than predicted in March.
With inflation at 2.1 per cent, just above the ECB's ceiling, M3 money supply running well above target, and the euro near record lows, economists were unanimous that rates in euroland were headed higher.
Available data and surveys of the industrial sectors suggested low inflation and weak current activity, which, coupled with weak M3 money supply growth, contributed to lower economic growth forecasts and increased expectations for monetary easing in Germany.
Saudi Arabia's M3 money supply growth slowed to 10.9 percent year-on-year at the end of December from 13.5 percent in the previous month.
But for the second consecutive month, M3 money supply dropped 0.7 per cent in June versus May, to record 
Dh1.06 trillion.
Saudi Arabian M3 money supply growth accelerated to 3.4 percent in June, the first time its pace has increased since September, the central bank said on its website today
It is noteworthy that annual growth in M3 money supply slowed for a sixth straight month in March and private sector lending stepped up its recovery as banks cast aside fears about the soundness of local firms.
At the monetary level, M3 money supply rose, over the first two months of 2010, by 2.2% compared to its level at end December 2009.
As far as money market is concerned, M3 money supply has also increased to 3 points as well as economy by the end of the 9 months of 2009 to reach 9.7% compared to 7.8% in 2008.
On Thursday, the bank published M3 money supply figures, a key indicator of credit and demand, which continued a five-month downward trend, showing a lack of inflationary pressure.