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a measure of the money supply

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Meanwhile, the improvement in foreign currency liquidity in the banking system continues to contribute to M2 money supply growth to account for an average of 1.7% in the past three months compared to 1.8% in 2017.
"As of the end of August, the broad M2 money supply was only up 12.6 percent compared with a year earlier," he said.
Egypt's M2 money supply rose 17.14 percent in August compared with the same month last year, the central bank said last month.
Annual growth in the broad M2 money supply measure remains relatively weak and slowed down to 5.3 per cent y/y in March, after averaging at around eight per cent y/y during the first two months.
As an example, I have an advanced degree in economics--yet throughout my undergraduate and graduate work, while studying the theory the firm, or M1 and M2 money supply, I never had the chance to academically study the most important economic unit of all--yourself.
Meanwhile, South Korea's M2 Money Supply grew at a slower rate in September than that in the previous month, indicating that more monetary easing policies were needed to increase the amount of currency in circulation, which in turn could result in reviving the country's economic growth.
Data over the weekend from China, the world's second-largest economy after the United States, showed broad M2 money supply rose more than expected in September while its exports grew at roughly twice the rate expected in September and imports recovered.
stock market index is positively associated with M2 money supply in the short run and negatively affected by M2 money supply in the long run, and the short-term and long-term interest rates.
The BOJ also said the benchmark M2 money supply reading, covering cash in circulation, demand and time deposits and certificates of deposit at domestic banks, came to 798.3 trillion yen, up 2.7 percent.
Egypt's M2 money supply rose 13.3 per cent in the year to end-November, the central bank has said.
Yu Xuejun, head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission's Jiangsu provincial branch, said that annual gains in M2 money supply should not be allowed to exceed 20 per cent under any circumstances.
M2 money supply growth was higher at 6.2 per cent in August.
According to Krugman, such an apparent expansionary policy raises the question as to what level of blame can be assigned to the Federal Reserve for the huge decline in the M2 money supply in this period.
25, 2009 (CENS) -- Taiwan's M2 money supply grew 8.17% year-on-year in August, the fifth straight month for the broadly defined money supply to score growth exceeding the target zone set by the Central Bank of China (CBC), said the CBC yesterday (Sept.