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(particle physics) a theory that involves an eleven-dimensional universe in which the weak and strong forces and gravity are unified and to which all the string theories belong

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Not only do I get to help M-theory grow, I get to help our clients grow.
Add to the mix that M-theory has passed every experimental test to which it has ever been put, and this solution is starting to look like the real deal.
The Spectator thought that the authors should have provided some answers instead of just introducing mathematical concepts with "such reckless abandon," while the New York Times Book Review called the book condescending and, more seriously, M-theory "somewhat disappointing.
What physics now desperately needs, Smolin is convinced, is a new Einstein who can replace M-theory with a TOE that can be confirmed by a workable experiment.
Chant Vartanian, CEO of M-Theory, comments, “We are privileged to have Shyam Amladi join M-Theory Group.
Her collection entitled M-Theory is now on display at the World Beat Fitness Centre & Cafe in Janabiyah where it is captivating audiences.
A small cadre of theoretical physicists have developed M-theory to the point that it can accommodate the properties of all the known subatomic particles and forces, including gravity, but it requires 10 or 11 dimensions instead of our familiar four.
And he backs the controversial M-theory - which claims multiple universes and is "the unified theory Einstein hoped to find" - as an ultimate explanation.
Since its launch as a dual resonance model (describing strongly interacting hadrons), ST has changed over the years to include a group of related superstring theories (SST) and a unifying picture known as the M-theory.
Gribbin also tackles inflation theory, quantum fluctuation, M-theory, and the origins of the elements, the solar system, and life.
Also arriving in August is the new 2007 special edition Matrix M-Theory package.
In recent years superstring theory has been absorbed into a broader conjecture called membrane theory or M-theory.
Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion, by Barbara With, picks up where Einstein himself left off, expanding on his theories and applying them to the science of compassion that stems from each one of us and ultimately leads to world peace.
Chant Vartanian, CEO of M-Theory, comments, “We are extremely excited to have join M-Theory Group team.
The World Beat Cafe and Fitness will be holding an art exhibition entitled M-Theory by artist Frances Stafford until June 28.