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(particle physics) a theory that involves an eleven-dimensional universe in which the weak and strong forces and gravity are unified and to which all the string theories belong

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With M-theory growing rapidly, we look forward to Gabe preparing our business to scale and delivering the right products and services for our clients.
This paper offers an inquiry into the line of arguments presented by Hawking and Mlodinow in their book The Grand Design and supported with the claim that the yet unknown version of the superstring theory, the M-theory, is an ultimate theory of the Universe.
M-Theory is attempting to make man magic on the basis of not understanding nature.
The M-Theory is concerned with how matter is constructed and the basic substance of the universe.
To warm up for Hawking's expansive thinking, we might begin with his assertion that our universe is merely one of a set or assemblage of universes, which he calls the Multi-verse, or M-Theory.
This is all based on M-theory, which, in turn, owes much to quantum theory in that no particle has a single history but rather has every possible history.
The details of M-theory can be daunting, but the pair makes it as accessible as possible, leavening it with regular dollops of Hawking's droll humor.
Prof Hawking also backs the controversial M-theory - which says there are multiple universes - as the ultimate theory of everything.
Calle (senior research physicist, NASA Kennedy Space Center) offers a second edition of his introduction and overview of the physics, which includes coverage of the newest development in string theory: the M-Theory.
It has been absorbed into a richer set of conjectures called M-theory.
In the early 1990s, a new proposal emerged: String theories were not, after all, fundamental, but rather the numerous manifestations of a still-deeper mathematical system dubbed M-theory (the M standing for mystery, murk, mother of all, or something similarly clever).
The two main contenders to unify gravity with quantum physics are superstrings (also called supersymmetry or M-theory (2,6) and loop-quantum gravity.
M-theory introduced the concept of multiple universes, which are constantly being created, every second, everywhere.
What excites Gates about superstring theory - also known as M-theory or simply string theory - is its ability to do the thing Einstein could not: unify the two realms of physics that explain how the most basic forces in the universe operate.
M-Theory is an extension of string theory, which has fallen in and out of favor with theoretical physicists for several decades now.