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commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)

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On the other hand, influx of m-commerce has given rise to valuable commerce transformation.
Editors Madan and Batra Arora present readers with a collection of academic and professional perspectives on m-commerce and securing transactions and payment systems within mobile commerce.
China, as a new engine of the world economy, has started experiencing such boom: in 2013, m-commerce reached [yen]167.
In this paper, it is argued that m-commerce needs to be positioned as a separate course.
MNOs can play a more active role within the m-commerce value chain through the development of services and solutions that support the pre-payment and post-payment stages of mobile merchant's experience.
The purpose of the program is to enhance understanding, share information, and ultimately help Ericsson s customers build a base of knowledge and clarity around m-commerce regulatory topics within each of the target countries.
The report begins with "Introduction" section covering overview of mobile commerce or m-commerce which provides basic idea of the segment, essential features of m-commerce system which describes the idle features that should exist in an m-commerce solution.
Communications technology and services provider Ericsson (Nasdaq:ERIC) unveiled on Tuesday its new extended suite of m-commerce solutions and services, designed to accelerate access and interconnection between the m-commerce ecosystem and the financial world.
Fi nancial institutions like banks are taking keen interest in the m-commerce technology due to their realiza tion of the fact that it is one of the best and cost effec tive ways to reach the unbanked people.
Mobile remains a major challenge for many retailers, but those who do invest will be at a significant advantage, with estimates suggesting m-commerce will be worth pounds 19.
The M-Commerce initiative by MEF aims to evolve the potential of M-Commerce, address security and privacy issues, while increasing consumer and merchant confidence in mobile payments.
Mobile banking and M-Commerce is at the heart of this approach, as it brings added value to customers and will help drive the growth of the economy in Qatar through supporting businesses to deliver content and services to consumers.
Sybase, a leader in SMS, MMS and GRX mobile messaging interoperability and mobile commerce messaging services, said it has received overwhelming response for its new m-Commerce service from the Middle East region.
Current e-commerce providers, engaged through mobile devices, will find advantage in developing unique m-commerce value propositions founded upon the specific dimensions of ubiquity, convenience, localization, and personalization.
We empirically investigate the relationship between demographics, ease of use, convenience, usefulness and enjoyment and intention to use m-commerce and attitude toward m-commerce.