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commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)

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The significant paths linking from perceived value added and perceived usefulness to m-commerce attitude indicate that to promote users' favorable attitudes toward m-commerce, we need to provide users with additional functional and non-functional benefits in m-commerce.
Business students both at the graduate and undergraduate levels need to have strong grounding in the technological and business aspects associated with m-commerce. Knowledge of technological innovations such as m-commerce can help business students in two ways: (1) to effectively direct management and strategies related to m-commerce in organizations, and (2) to become digital innovators themselves by conceiving and developing innovative organizational processes, products, and business models by matching the potential of m-commerce with unmet organizational or societal needs (Fichman, Santos, and Zheng, 2014).
Mobile payments and m-commerce company Paytm crossed a billion dollars in revenue run rate in February.
* MNOs can play a more active role within the m-commerce value chain through the development of services and solutions that support the pre-payment and post-payment stages of mobile merchant's experience.
Glispa's business sits within the rapidly growing digital advertising sector benefiting from the proliferation of Mobile Applications and improved international m-commerce capabilities, which Digi Capital expects to create over USD 516bn of sales by 2017.
Another company that is going big on the m-commerce segment is Paytm, which has been focussing on mobile and DTH recharges.
What is undeniable is that the rapid growth of its m-commerce activities is a phenomenon in its own right.
Business goals for retailers are to harness disruptive technologies to transform the business, address consumer expectations for information and inventory, deliver the best consumer experience through and beyond point-of-purchase and capitalise on the immediacy of m-commerce and e-commerce to capture sales anywhere, anytime-and in-store.
"We share the vision to pursue smart innovations in the e- and m-commerce area with DDL," said Dr.
In 2013, HomeShop18 took the next big step into m-commerce with Scan N Shop, India's first virtual shopping wall at T3 Delhi Airport and mobile apps for iPhone and Android users.
With 23 percent growth expected, m-commerce turnover in 2012 is predicted to reach PS56bn.
products and services such as its mobile healthcare and m-Commerce initiatives.
Etisalat was recognised for enhancing its brand value through the introduction of innovative products and services such as its mobile healthcare and m-Commerce initiatives which help accelerate the social and economic development of the communities it serves.
Specific topics which will be discussed on both the days include m-commerce and finance, mobile entertainment and games, mobile software and hardware, mobile public services, location-based services and, mobile applications.