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Synonyms for megabyte

a unit of information equal to 1000 kilobytes or 10^6 (1,000,000) bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 kibibytes or 2^20 (1,048,576) bytes

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Byton, a China-based electric car start-up, has launched its M-Byte, first production-bound model, at the 2019 CES.
The initial M-Byte model will be offered at a baseline price of $45,000 without self-driving car technology.
Caption: The M-Byte midsize SUV, designed by newcomer OEM Byton, will feature a 48-inch screen that is the length of the instrument panel, and will be operated partly with gesture controls.
BYTON, a premium intelligent electric vehicle maker, has revealed details of the interior design for its first production model, the BYTON M-Byte SUV.
For the ( Model Y , the Byton M-Byte and the Porsche Macan will be entering the electric SUV market soon.
At the 2018 show it introduced its all-electric M-Byte SUV Concept and one year later it's readying the M-Byte SUV for production, scheduled for late 2019.
* The M-Byte now gets another screen, making the total number of screens five
Construction of the company's Nanjing plant, which started in September 2017, is nearing completion and trial production of the M-Byte SUV will start in the third quarter of 2019.
Byton's M-Byte and the Porsche Macan are expected to follow the Model Y as they'll be released within the upcoming year.