M-1 rifle

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a semiautomatic rifle

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Also, a tiny quibble [about "The Guns that Won the War," by Richard Sassaman, in the same issue]: the M-1 rifle uses a clip (no spring); the M-1 carbine uses a magazine (contains a spring to feed cartridges), not a clip.
He could take an M-1 rifle through a bayonet drill so that you could feel the ground tremble from his jab-jab-jab, slice, and when he used the butt he was quick as a cat.
Johnny Mendoza of Lake Los Angeles was arrested Wednesday at his home in the 40100 block of 169th Street East after authorities said they found an M-1 rifle there, deputies said.
We remember the sacrifices they made and the difficulties they went through,'' said Thomas, who wore an authentic mid-1940s combat uniform and carried an M-1 rifle and battle flag.
Fire)-that unleashed a volley of gunfire from eight M-1 rifles.
Tear gas, police dogs, the state police and troopers, M-1 rifles, fire hoses, police riot squads armed with billy-clubs and machine-guns, the use of cavalry, and that monument to southern tyranny, the filthy overcrowded jail cell.
The governor of Ohio summoned the Ohio National Guard, and troops arrived armed with tear gas and loaded M-1 rifles.
On Mount Suribachi--during the World War II battle for the Pacific Island of Iwo Jima--Marines had to use flame throwers, hand grenades and M-1 rifles to destroy Japanese troops fiercely defending heavily fortified bunkers, tunnels and caves, Manofsky explained.
We were all armed, 10 of us with M-1 rifles, the M-1 Garand, semiautomatic, .