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Major Injury Patterns Associated With Some of the Commonly Used Drugs Medication Histologic Pattern Nonsteroidal anti- Mucosal ulcerations, erosions, and inflammtory drugs strictures Increased epithelial apoptosis Chronic colitis-like pattern Ischemic colitis Focal active colitis/self-limited colitis Microscopic colitis Mycophenolate acid Increased epithelial apoptosis (graft-versus-host disease-like) Chronic colitis-like pattern Ischemic colitis Focal active colitis/self-limited colitis Nonabsorbable Mucosal ulcerations, erosions, and drugs: Kayexalate, strictures sevelamer Ischemic colitis Colonic perforation Idelalisib Increased epithelial apoptosis Focal active colitis/self-limited colitis Lymphocytic colitis Cytomegalovirus colitis Table 3.
The patient with lymphocytic colitis required an increased dose, 4.
Paucicellular and asymptomatic lymphocytic colitis: expanding the clinicopathologic spectrum of lymphocytic colitis.
This can be particularly frustrating when trying to evaluate the surface epithelium for the changes of lymphocytic colitis (LC) or collagenous colitis (CC).
Confocal laser endomicroscopy has been shown to specifically detect lymphocytic and collagenous colitis in the evaluation of chronic diarrhea, including observation of mononuclear infiltration in lymphocytic colitis and subepithelial collagenous bands in collagenous colitis.
4,8) There have been reports of adult patients with collagenous gastritis having associated lymphocytic gastritis, lymphocytic colitis, ulcerative gastritis, (8) or an underlying autoimmune disease such as Sjogren syndrome.
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