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dagger]) The Infectious Diseases Society of America does not address Lyme carditis in children in its clinical practice guidelines.
To determine the frequency of death among patients with Lyme disease and identify patients in whom carditis might have contributed to death, health officials in seven selected high-incidence Lyme disease states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) reviewed convenience samples of cases meeting the surveillance case definition for Lyme disease or Lyme carditis.
In reported cases, sudden cardiac death remains infrequent when Lyme carditis is recognized and treated with appropriate antibiotic therapy.
Patients with Lyme carditis should be diagnosed and treated according to current treatment guidelines (3).
Less often Lyme carditis may lead to myocarditis, pericarditis, benign cardiac insufficiency, chronic hemostatic cardiomyopathy.
Although death from Lyme carditis is rare, it should be considered in cases of sudden cardiac death in patients from high-incidence Lyme disease regions.
Microscopic examination of cardiac tissue found extensive myocarditis with mixed perivascular lymphoplasmacytic inflammation suggestive of Lyme carditis.