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used in some classifications for the class Lycopsida: club mosses

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Pterophyta, Lycophyta, Sphenophyta, Psilophyta) have a free-living haploid gametophyte stage whose population dynamics affect the reproductive capacity and fitness of both gametophyte and sporopbyte generations.
Si bien, estos trabajos registran especies de Monilophyta y Lycophyta, no son especificos hacia la realizacion de una flora local para estos grupos.
2006) para Monilophyta, y a Moran & Riba (1995) para Lycophyta.
cosmopolitan genus of heterosporate Lycophyta that includes about 150
of other Lycophyta, such as Selaginella sellowii (Morbelli et al.
we have not found references to its existence in Lycophyta.
However, recent evidence disputes this view and suggests that Isoetes's origins are tied to similar aquatic corm-bearing plants well developed in the Carboniferous, which coexisted with arborescent Lycophyta (Taylor, 1981; Skog & Hill, 1992; Kovach & Batten, 1993; DiMichele & Bateman, 1996).