Lychnis flos-cuculi

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common perennial native to Europe and western Asia having usually pink flowers with ragged petals

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We here present results from an experiment on Lychnis flos-cuculi, where plants of different inbreeding levels were subjected to normal irrigation and two levels of drought stress.
Lychnis flos-cuculi (L.) is a diploid perennial rosette plant that typically grows in moist, grazed meadows.
Parental effects in Lychnis flos-cuculi. II: Selection on time of emergence and seedling performance in the field.
Lychnis flos-cuculi ydi'r enw Lladin arno fo, a'r lychnis yn dangos ei fod yn perthyn i lwyth y campion - hynny ydi, yr un teulu a'r blodyn neidr.
Lychnis flos-cuculi `Jenny', is double-flowered form of the native perennial ragged robin, producing large fluffy pink flowers with a paler centre and white markings.
The same pattern of high [V.sub.mat] and low [V.sub.a] was observed for Anthoxanthum odoratum (Antonovics and Schmitt 1986), Phlox drummondii (Schwaegerle and Levin 1990), and Lychnis flos-cuculi (Biere 1991b).