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(folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf

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(22) The second story in chapter 22 also concerns a named person, one Calcevayra--whose name is corrupted from the name of the castle in Gervaise's Latin, though it seems to go back to an antique lycanthropic tale in Petronius s Satyricon (para.
It is therefore even more significant that unlike the other women in these stories of lycanthropic metamorphosis, Isis directs and controls every step of her own transformation.
When not in lycanthropic form, these beings turn out to be the residents of a remote glen in which, a zoologist visiting the glen for research purposes tells the squad, 'the family have lived for centuries'.
While the film's title is intended as a double pun on Ginger's premenstrual stress and lycanthropic rage--and perhaps also as a sharp take on female adolescent sexuality as a sweet consumable treat--the photo is the viewer's first "snap" of Ginger's future, and as such, it presages the negotiation of difference that the film proposes.
Long-delayed and reworked Oedipal take on the lycanthropic condition should take a meaty opening-weekend B.O.
Despite escaping the attack with his life, the ensuing hallucinations are simply a sign of things to come as he begins to take on lycanthropic tendencies.
Ruck's recent book (2007) revisits mushroom lore and the Beserkers as well as other associations of lycanthropic mushroom use.
His hooded eyes and lycanthropic chin-curtain beard complete his aura of Old Testament prophet.
The werewolf proves the perfect vehicle for the expression of wanton sexuality in that the lycanthropic transformation frees him or her from societal constraints while under the elements of the curse, vividly displaying those "bestial instincts lurking beneath our civilized exteriors" (Frost x).
I want to look closely at the title story: we are given an entry from The Jesuit Handbook of Lycanthropic Culture Shock--a book which surely can't exist.
Webster knew well of the Byzantine plottings and double dealing of the Renaissance courts and his world was one of tombs, screech owls, Italian poisons and murderous lycanthropic princes.
Regardless of the malicious and even insane actions of her lycanthropic twin Ferdinand, the Duchess's behavior is still not freed of the suggestion that her control over her sexual and marital destiny is indicative of errancy.
I flex my werewolf muscles and in one lycanthropic lunge I rip the thing apart.