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With a populace of less than 6 million, Lybia is viewed by developed nations as the weakest market for imported goods among the Maghreb states.
Such [a] decision would strengthen Italy's democracy as against the still formidable menace of Communism."(43) One year after the 1948 parliamentary elections, the Grand Lodge of Alabama of the OSIA once again called on Truman to let Italy retain Eritrea, Somaliland, and Lybia on the grounds that "a decision unfavorable to Italy would ...
On September 13, 1941, Italy launched an invasion of Egypt from Lybia. By this time Greece had started to become concerned about her own security, as discussions between Italian and German leaders had concluded that Greece and Yugoslavia would eventually become part of Mussolini's Italian Empire.
Anniversaries: 1886: Severn Tunnel opened for goods traffic; 1920: The state of Lebanon created by the French with Beirut as capital;1939: Germany invaded Poland leading to the second world war ; 1969: Colonel Gaddafi seized power in Lybia; 1988: a repor t by the New York Health Department listed 8,064 people bitten by dogs, 1,587 bitten by other people, and one person attacked by a penguin in a year.
Some say, that he who has this Stone, needs no other Invention to catch wild Beasts; it is frequently found in Lybia. Others say, that it has a wonderful Virtue in defending Animals.
/ I mean a Virgins face, whose beautie rare, / Much like the Basilisque in Lybia soyle' (lines 9-14).
Finally, in the Arab world outside there are also forces that might attempt to torpedo the peace process: terrorist organisations and countries such as Iran and Lybia. All these might use violent means in order to achieve their ends.
The episodes of George Webber's love affair in New York, as well as his visits to Nazi Germany and to his native Lybia Hill during the stock market crash, contain powerful sociological and psychological observation.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 28 June 2017: The UN delegation detained in Zawia city west of Lybia by a group of Libyan youth was released on Wednesday night, Abdellafy, a Libyan parliamentarian said.
Other countries like Algeria, Djibouti, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen and, West bank and Gaza were excluded because of unavailability of data.
Opening up today's commemoration, Sayyid Nasrallah condemned the heinous crime committed by the takfiri "Daash" in Lybia against Egyptian Copts, offering condolences to the Egyptian people and government as well as the Coptic Church.
Briens, Mathieu, (2008), "Belarus and Lybia: wider Europe's 'pariahs'?", in Mahncke, Dieter; Gstohl, Sieglinde (eds.), Europe's near abroad.
President of the Republic has expressed concerns of Sudan on what is happening in the state of South Sudan, the Republic of Centeral Africa, Egypt and Lybia , stressing that Sudan's role twords these countries would be positive via its support to achieve pease, security and to consolidate cooperation and the exchange of mutual interests.