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city in northeast Pakistan

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They had a large circle of friends in Lyallpur and Lahore, none of them politically minded.
Afzal Ahsan Randhawa was just one amongst many literary figures to frequent Lyallpur (Faisalabad) cafes
The accused are wanted to the police of Lyallpur, Kotwali and People's Colony circles in a number of street crime including dacoity, robbery and theft, etc.
The largest of these were the Chenab colony situated at the river Chenab wherein district Lyallpur was established.
In this connection, an awareness seminar and walk under the arrangements of Health Department of City District Government (CDG) was organized at Lyallpur Complex to mark the day.
The leaders of Akali Dal Propaganda Party like Master Tara Singh, Amar Singh Dosanjh, Kartar Singh, Summer Singh of Lyallpur and Vir Singh of Amritsar started the tours of various parts of Punjab.
Security establishment officials said the terrorists were trained in either Lyallpur or Chaklala air base in Pakistan, and knew exactly what - aircraft, hangers, ammunition depots, fuel dumps etc - to look for to destroy.
After the establishment of the Punjab Agricultural College Lyallpur (Faisalabad) in 1906, the researc-h activities on crop were started.
In early 1920s, a quarter century before the creation of Pakistan, Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute Lyallpur (the first Agricultural College in India), started bacteriological/BNF research by placing a researcher under the Agricultural Chemist.
1), namely Lyallpur Town, Jinnah town, Iqbal and Madina Towns and the present study is carried out in above said four towns.
A major Pakistani city Lyallpur was renamed Faisalabad in 1977 in honor of late King Faisal.
The Agriculture University, originally the Punjab Agriculture College and Research Institute Lyallpur, had been established in 1906 and was the first major institution for higher education in agriculture in the then Punjab.
My grandmother had to move from Lyallpur (now Faisalabad, Pakistan) to Ludhiana, India.
National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan Limited (NFC), the sole producer of phosphatic fertilizers in Pakistan, owns two Single Super Phosphate (SSP) plants namely: Lyallpur Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited and Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers Limited which were closed in 1996.
Tharparkar and Thatta) and some of the most dynamic and economically vibrant districts like Karachi, Lyallpur, and Gujranwala.