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city in northeast Pakistan

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Speaking at advisory meeting of the CPDI and Lyallpur Development Organizations here on Sunday, the EDO Finance said that seminars would be conducted for the preparation of the District Council and Municipal Corporation budgets and all the positive proposals by the CPDI and LDO
He said that 39 Majalis would be held in Jaranwala Division, 32 in Iqbal Division, 27 in Sadar Division, 22 in Madina Division and 17 Majalis in Lyallpur Division whereas 27 processions would be taken out from Iqbal Division, 23 from Jaranwala Division, 19 from Madina Division, 19 from Sadar Division and 7 from Lyallpur Division.
Talking to the participants of Model United Nations (MUN) and Parliamentary Contest held under the ongoing Lyallpur Arts and Literature Festival at UAF here, he said that youth were the future leaders.
A total of 173 site visits were maDe to 47 DiffereNt locatioNs; FaisalabaD (this locatioN is LYallpur in Hussain & Nath [1927]), 127 collectioNS were maDe from 8 sites, all on research properties associateD with the UrnversitY of Agriculture FaisalabaD, of which ONe site, PARS is 12 km from the maIN campus; Toba Tek SINgh, 21 collectioNS were maDe from 20 sites; SargoDha, 22 collectioNS were maDe from 17 sites; Bhalwal, 1 collectioN from 1 site; LaIian, 2 collectioNS maDe from 1 site.
The connect on ethnic bases with Punjabis ( Bhagat Singh was a Sikh born in the Lyallpur district of undivided Punjab in 1907) is a very strong point.
The Marshal of the Air Force was born on April 15, 1919 at Lyallpur.
National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan Limited (NFC), the sole producer of phosphatic fertilizers in Pakistan, owns two Single Super Phosphate (SSP) plants namely: Lyallpur Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited and Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers Limited which were closed in 1996.
The research and extension activity was taken away from the erst-while Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur and placed under the Departments of Agriculture and Extension with very little contact between each other and virtually having no contact with the university.
He said that 40 Majalis would be held in Iqbal Division, 35 in Jaranwala Division, 27 in Sadar Division, 18 in Madina Division and 11 Majalis in Lyallpur Division whereas 30 processions would be taken out from Jaranwala Division, 15 from Madina Division, 12 from Lyallpur Division, 19 from Iqbal Division and 17 procession from Sadar Division.
He said that 52 Majalis would be held in Jaranwala Divison, 39 in Iqbal Division, 34 in Sadar Division, 24 in Madina Division and 12 Majlis in Lyallpur Division whereas 15 processions would be taken out from Iqbal Division, 10 from Madina Division, 4 from Lyallpur Division, 13 from Jaranwala Division and 6 procession from Sadar Division.
James Broadwood Lyall was the first VC and Lyallpur was named after him which has now further been named Faisalabad after Saudi King Faisal.
Tenders are invited for Providing, Installing and commissioning of 300x200 mm Tubewell by reverse rotary rig upto 185 mtr at surj ganj near lyallpur school
Public sector activities began with the Lyallpur Chemicals and Fertiliser (Pvt.
Karachi, Lyallpur and Gujranwala are the three main centres of the Art Silk Industry in Pakistan.