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an Anatolian language

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The Hieroglyphic Luvian sign for 'sky, heaven' and for 'bowl', conventionally rendered 'CAELUM', has the shape of a shallow bowl (reflecting the conception of the sky in bowl shape); it appears in self-referential inscriptions ("this bowl") on two silver bowls of second-millennium Anatolian provenance (Hawkins 1993, 1997, 2005).
Watkins' (1995: 150-51) equation of the Homeric Greek particle [tau][alpha][rho] and the Cuneiform Luvian "locatival" particle = tar is also rejected by Yakubovich (pp.
The later text, however, contains an apparent copyist's error, with the result that instead of repeating the earlier text verbatim (apart from "Arzawa" for "Luviya") and reading "If a Luvian abducts a free person, man or woman, from the land of Haul and leads them away to the land of Arzawa .
uk, Laytons Wine Merchants Ltd, The Vineyard Cellars Amps Fine Wines, Luvians Bottleshop, Fortnum and Mason Plc & many independents) is another full-flavoured Champagne.
99, winedirect, Luvians Bottle Shop, Aitken Wines, L'Art du Vin & other independents) is 100% malbec and has been aged for 12 months in French oak - a metaphor for the players in France's Top 14 perhaps?
99, Wholefoods Market, Luvians, The Whally Wine Shop, Cambridge Wine Merchants) blended from syrah and mourvedre.
99, Luvians, Handford Wine, Portland Wine Co) from Northern Rhne has a deep blackberry fruit bouquet with rich, leather-edged tone from the time in wood.
This case has no direct correspondences in the morphological systems of other ancient Indo-European languages, but it is not isolated within the Anatolian family: locatives in -a are attested in Palaic, (20) and Luvian also shows occasional locatives in -a beside usual dative-locative singular forms in -i.
In Luvian (where a distinct dative-locative in -i is available), forms in -a can be true locatives, too: e.