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follower of Lutheranism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the branch of the Protestant Church adhering to the views of Luther

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The applicability or resonance (11) of Lutheran doctrines has to do with whether they are relevant to the contextual reality.
The member vote on the name follows unanimous approval by the boards of directors of both Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood late last year.
A new documentary captures the Lutheran Church's turmoil over gay issues
Boniface, Leonard Wall for the English diocese of Winnipeg, Metropolitan Michael Bzdel for the Ukranian Catholic rite, met with Bishop Telmor Sartison of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) in a Lutheran church.
It is the first appointment of a Lutheran pastor to such a position, heading some 300 regular and reserve chaplains, both Protestant and Roman Catholic as well as one Muslim Imam.
THOUSAND OAKS - Every weekend during the fall for the past three years, the Jones family has traveled hundreds of miles from the Bay Area to Thousand Oaks, or wherever else the Cal Lutheran football team plays.
The company, which was formed when Lutheran Brotherhood of Minneapolis and Aid Association for Lutherans merged in 2002, is the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States.
But history is full of surprises: an academic exercise that did not take place launched the Lutheran Reformation.
More than 360 directors and board members from most of the 200 Lutheran outdoor ministries centers in the United States and Canada.
Thrivent Builds" homes mirror other Habitat homes, but have a greater focus on volunteers from local Thrivent volunteer chapters and Lutheran congregations.
The letter was signed by Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, the primate of the Anglican church, National Bishop Ray Schultz of the ELCIC, as well as Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission co-chairs Bishop Michael Prsye (Lutheran) and Bishop Fred Hiltz (Anglican).
This essay is intended to contribute to the Lutheran intrareligious discussion of questions like these.
CANOGA PARK -- A pulsating rhythm races around the circle and fills the room as participants smack, pound and tap drums during the Peacemaker Drum Circle, held Saturday nights at Faith Lutheran Church.
He is known for his extreme Lutheran positions on the Leipzig Interim, which he saw as a betrayal of Luther's doctrines by Melanchthon and his followers.
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