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China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation's (SNP) Luoyang unit, a major refinery in central China, is planning to expand its refining capacity by August 2010, according to a senior executive.
Their anger follows despite news that police had arrested 12 people, among them four welders suspected of causing the fire in the Dongdu Commercial Building in the old city section of Luoyang, one of China's ancient capitals.
In addition, the report also focuses on 10 domestic enterprises, including WAFANGDIAN BEARING, LUOYANG LCY BEARING, HRB, XIANGYANG AUTOMOBILE BEARING, XIBEI BEARING, C & U GROUP and so on.
Ltd (CSCEC Decoration) has won the bid for the curtain wall works of Buildings #5 & #7 of Chia Tai International City Square Project West in Luoyang City, Henan Province.
Depend on the high quality, user-friendly design and powerful function, Luoyang Xiabing Software Technologies Ltd has won wide approval and recognition from users.
Apart from Beijing, she also visited Luoyang in Henan province, where she dedicated an Indian-style Buddhist Temple to the Chinese.
A Christmas Day fire killed 309 revellers at a party in the Chinese city of Luoyang after the exits of a dance hall were left blocked.
Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE), a Chinese manufacturer of wafer, solar cell and PV modules, has made an announcement on its settlement of a deal with the Government of the Luoyang Municipality for the construction of a green, clean and carbon-efficient economic system.
com)-- Luoyang Xiabing Software Technologies Ltd recently announces the release of the new version of Ease Folder Guard in English.
Luoyang, May 29 (ANI): President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, who is on a six day visit to China, today dedicated the Indian-style Buddhist temple in the White Horse Temple complex to the people of China in order to strengthen the existing bilateral relationship.
Molymet's recent expansion efforts include a strategic move into China, a key future market, through the acquisition of a 50% stake in joint venture partner, Luoyang High-Tech Molybdenum & Tungsten Material (Luoyang High-Tech).
Beijing, May 29 (ANI): After spending three days interacting with the Chinese leadership here, visiting Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil visited Luoyang City in China's Henan Province, where she dedicated to the Chinese people an Indian-style Buddhist temple inspired by the Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh.
NASDAQ GS: CCME) ("CME" or "Company"), China's largest television advertising operator on inter-city and airport express buses, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with a media company to purchase the exclusive right to operate television screens and to supply entertainment programming along with paid advertising on 986 inter-city buses originating from the city of Luoyang in the Henan province.
laser phosphor projectors played an instrumental role in restoring the ancient glory of Luoyang city China's former imperial capital during the Sui (589-618 AD) and Tang dynasties (618-907 AD) with impressive projections on the backdrop of a massive sand table model showcased at a new national heritage park in China's Henan province.