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The lawyer, who had taken up the matter purely out of friendship to the young man, and almost against his will, invoked every consideration of justice, delicacy, honour, and even plain figures; in vain, the ex-patient of the Swiss lunatic asylum was inflexible.
They end in two ways: Either they sink till the lunatic asylums and the workhouses are full of them, and cause Mr.
Dashwood rejected any but thrilling tales, and as thrills could not be produced except by harrowing up the souls of the readers, history and romance, land and sea, science and art, police records and lunatic asylums, had to be ransacked for the purpose.
Four chapters explore the madhouse of the eighteenth century, the lunatic asylum of the nineteenth century, the mental hospital of the twentieth century, and current treatments in the twenty-first century looking into the future.
We've become a lunatic asylum," Robert David Steele said, Friends of Syria reported.
The brains, preserved in formaldehyde in a laboratory at the University of Texas in Austin, came from the state hospital, the former state lunatic asylum, nearly 30 years ago.
The brains dating as far back as the 50-70s were collected from patients at the former Texas State Lunatic Asylum.
But how unfortunate he chose to paraphrase a quote from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who ended up in a lunatic asylum.
SECRETS FROM THE ASYLUM Wed ITV 9pm Actress Claire Sweeney was keen to do a TV show investigating her relatives - even if it was to find out how one of them ended up in a Victorian lunatic asylum.
THE lunatic asylum was a landmark of Victorian Britain, which inspired fear and shame in equal measure.
Elgar Music For Powick Asylum Innovation Chamber Ensemble / Collett FOR six years, from the RSIX years, from the age of 21, Edward Elgar was bandmaster of an ensemble which played (on whatever instruments were available) therapeutic music for the patients of Worcester County and City Lunatic Asylum in the village of Powick.
However, its history goes further back as it can trace its roots to Glasgow Lunatic Asylum, which opened in 1814 on a site now covered by Buchanan Bus Station.
It's high time those idiots in the council were voted out of office and the person responsible for the introduction of bus lanes was sent to where he belongs - into a lunatic asylum.
It is a verbatim retelling of the life stories of those involved with or admitted to the old Athens Lunatic Asylum as received during channeling.
West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum Through Time, written by Mark Davis, reveals that they were certainly an improvement on what went before.