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a workplace where lumber is stocked for sale

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Price shopping, he said, occurs when contractors pit lumber yards against one another to see who can offer the lowest prices.
There were plenty of other partygoers whose wallets remain full of disposable income, despite the economy, including Malibu Lumber Yard owners Richard and Liane Weintraub as well as Richard and Shawn Sperber; Steve Tisch; David Foster; Rick and Kathy Hilton; and Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.
Historically, the home-built dock could be modified or repaired with materials available at the lumber yard or home center at a moment's notice.
Illiopolis grew along the tracks; by 1900 it had a railroad depot, grain elevators, a post office, a grocery store, a hardware store-mortuary combination (making it easy to hammer down the coffins), a lumber yard, blacksmith shops, two hotels, three churches, livery stables, a school, and, of course, a bar.
A fire broke out in a lumber yard in Kobe in the early hours Tuesday and soon spread to an adjacent apartment building and four other premises, the Kobe fire department said.
Snyder delineates the impact of human behavior that takes the natural world for granted as a hardware store, a lumber yard, to be used and exploited.
Now you have created two jobs, the logger and the millworker, and maybe you get eight bucks for that 2x4 at the lumber yard.
The program follows him through the process of planning the job, buying quality materials at the lumber yard, working with his son as a "teammate" and celebrating the handsome finished product.
As a finishing touch, lattice strips, purchased at a local lumber yard, were stained and coated with clear shellac, and used as shadow box frames.
The Malibu Lumber Yard is a two-story, 31,441 square foot specialty retail center located along the Pacific Coast Highway.
Moreover, this role change will be supported by enhanced technical support and education, servicing Sherwood's lumber yard customers, including Builders, Architects and Specifiers, so that more American Homes can get built with a product that is better than raw lumber.
It was stopped next to a siding that goes into the Maki Lumber yard.
The 76' x 97' lot, a former lumber yard, is located just opposite the Astoria train station and will be delivered with approvals in place for 25 units.
With all the cells more or less the same size, and a moisture level of 5 to 8 percent versus 17 to 19 percent in a two-by-four you could pick up at a lumber yard today, less of the wood is lost to splitting or warping.
The day's work had gone really smooth--no emergency runs to the lumber yard, no serious injuries, and a tremendous amount of work was accomplished.