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a workplace where lumber is stocked for sale

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The four complainants alleged that on April 4, 2016 they were abducted from the lumber yard they were working for in Barangay Sandaba, Butig, Lanao del Sur along with co-workers, Jaymart Capangpangan and Salvador Janubas.
I used to work in a lumber yard when I was in high school and I worked all the time on weekend and evenings.
Employees of Value Lumber Yards called 911 at 11:57 a.
Owners Alexander Brown and Thomas Rutherford were carpenters who started with building four houses in the settlement of Red River, and soon opened a sawmill and lumber yard.
Ace Hardware Store with over 14,000 sqft of close retail space and 14,300 SF of open lumber yard.
I remember laughing aloud when Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmemdra) arrived at Soorma Bhopali's lumber yard and the romantic song Koi haseena jab rooth jti hai on Basanti's (Hema Malini) tonga.
ATHOL - If wood could talk, the old beams in Thomas Mann's lumber yard would sound like a chatty ship's bosun.
Have a good day," LaFleur breezily told lumber yard workers, according to the newspaper.
Several weeks later, we discovered he had awarded the bid to another lumber yard and was off and running on the new project.
Today, after several expansions to the business throughout those years, Nunda has a drive-through lumber yard, a full-line hardware store, a customer countertop shop, a kitchen and bath showroom and 45 employees.
It was once a real lumberyard and hardware store, but despite keeping the name Malibu Lumber Yard, the hammers and nails are long gone, replaced by two levels of LEED-certified wooden floors and chic shops, the better for Malibu's beautiful people to find places to part with their hard-earned cash.
Check with your local lumber yard to see if they are sponsoring a free bus to the show and get on the bus
They seldom spend more than a few days slumbering in this miniature lumber yard in my bedroom, because tongue depressors have become my first choice for a wide variety of home projects.
It takes approximately 13 litres of petrodiesel fuel to harvest and deliver a cubic metre of lumber to a lumber yard.
Indeed, the company used to have a large salvage yard for many years, but eventually transformed it into a traditional lumber yard run by a third brother, Jim.