lumbar puncture

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removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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Lumber puncture was done using a midline approach at the L2-3 or L3-4 interspace using 27G spinal needle and 0.
The need of this awareness is especially important in countries like Malaysia, where lumber puncture cannot be performed as a routine procedure for neurological disorders.
A timely diagnostic workup, including skin biopsy, blood cultures, and lumber puncture, is crucial since skin lesions may mimic other infectious processes.
Two days later a lumber puncture revealed she had bacterial meningitis.
Because of mental confusion and progressive unresponsiveness, a lumber puncture was performed.
Zakk is now in remission but is still undergoing intravenous chemotherapy once a month and lumber puncture, where drugs are injected into his spine to make sure the cancer does not spread.
I had to rest for another ten days and then I had to have a lumber puncture.
X-rays so far on his spine and pelvis are all right, but he is having a lumber puncture and there is still some worry about his spleen.
Framework agreement for the supply of Syringes Needles and Associated Products including needles, needle and syringes, syringes and epidural products such as epidural catheters, fixation devices, loss of resistance devices, filters and lumber puncture needles and spinal/epidural needles.
A lumber puncture showed an intracranial pressure of 270 mmH [sub]2 O, a white blood cell count of 2080/[micro]l with 81.
Haskell was given antivirals and antibiotics then underwent blood tests and a lumber puncture for a virus which proved difficult to diagnose.
The lumber puncture was done in lateral decubitus position using midline approach at L3-L4 interspace under full aseptic condition using 25 G.