lumbar puncture

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removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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I had to rest for another ten days and then I had to have a lumber puncture.
X-rays so far on his spine and pelvis are all right, but he is having a lumber puncture and there is still some worry about his spleen.
Tender are invited for supply of Equipments & Instruments (1 Monitor for Continuous Measurement of Cardiac Function (2 Monitor for continuous measurement of body tissue oxygenation and oxygen delivery status (3 Brain Function Monitor for depth of anesthesia (4 Instant Hand held blood pH and Lactate monitor (5 Lumber Puncture Simulator with Epidural block trainer (6 Spinal Injection Trainer (7 Central Venous Catheter Simulator (8 Cricotracheotomy trainer (9 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator/ Locator (10 Multi-frequency based deep heat generator (11 Airway management Trainer: (12 Handheld instant hemoglobinometer with facility to measure Methaemoglobin at Department of anesthesiology (manicktala)
After other tests were performed, a lumber puncture was carried out which led to the diagnosis.
A lumber puncture showed he had pneumococcal meningitis, the most deadly form of the disease.
But a lumber puncture showed it wasn't meningitis but a viral infection which was dangerous because of her size.
He's on crutches on the moment because he's been having pain in his knees but that seems to be easing a little and now we're getting ready for another lumber puncture and more chemo next week.
A lumber puncture revealed Amy had the enterobacter strain of meningitis - a rare form which kills 60 per cent of infants who contract it.
Not the agony of a lumber puncture, the pain of countless canulas, the nausea, fatigue and hair loss all of which come with intensive chemotherapy.
Robert underwent surgery, a lumber puncture and a bone marrow extraction.
A week later she was back at South Tyneside hospital for a lumber puncture which is said to have revealed she had tuberculous meningitis.
He has a lumber puncture every three months, where they drain fluid from his spine to check he's still free of leukaemia, and chemotherapy every day.
I have never been more scared than when they told me I was getting a a lumber puncture to test for meningitis - and the pain of having a needle put into your spine is indescribable.