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a city in southwestern Congo

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The Luluabourg constitution provided that Congolese citizenship could only be granted to individuals whose parents (one or both) were members of one of the ethnic groups established on Congolese territory by 18 October 1908.
A careful reading of the Luluabourg Constitution helps reveal a lack of clarity and logic.
La volte-face du colonisateur commenca avec la mutinerie des soldats de la garnison de Luluabourg en 1944, suivie par le soulevement d'une partie des paysans et de leurs chefs luluwa et luba que la colonisation avait deplaces pour des raisons economiques.
The new constitution has also restored the Luluabourg flag which was designed when the traitors of Patrice Lumumba, led by Mobutu Sese Seko, signed a peace/reconciliation deal with pro-Lumumbists in Luluabourg (now Kananga).