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ancient Celtic god

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Saba cannot survive in Silverlake and she must rescue Lugh from the brutal men, but she's up against enormous odds.
At the same time, the play recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates the mystery and vitality released by encounters with the strange and foreign (Ryanga, Lugh, and carefree dancing).
Lugh led the Tuatha De Danann to victory in the second Battle of Magh Tuireadh.
Typically, all freemen attended the annual meetings, held on Midsummer Day--sacred to both Balder, the Viking god of fire and light, and his Celtic counterpart, Lugh. Old laws were recited so everyone knew them, new laws were agreed on, and judgment was meted out to wrongdoers.
Or take Lugh who asks two witches what they can bring to battle and they suggest that they will enchant the enemy,
The chief hero of the Red Branch is the Achilles-like Cu Chulainn, born of a mortal mother, Dechtire, the sister of King Conor, and a divine father, the god Lug (Lugh) of the Long Arm.
The Irish Celts called the August 1st holiday Lughnasa and dedicated it to the god Lugh (pronounced "loo").
Maggie wants to name the new set Lugh, after the Irish pre-Christmas god of the harvest (whose festival, Lughnasa, is being celebrated in the hills behind Ballybeg as the play opens.) But Kate objects to the pagan intrusion, so the set gets christened Marconi.
" Ostensibly of mortal parentage, Cu Chulainn is represented to be in fact the son of the sun god Lugh. When, as a mere child, he is attacked by a ferocious hound, he kills it; when he sees the grief of its owner, Culain, he takes on the role of watchdog until a hound can be found to replace the one he killed.
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One of the youngest pupils was Lugh Doyle, from Cornist Park, Flint, who aims to work in IT one day.
Class 10 Piano Solo Music Theatre & Film - open: 1 Freya Smith, Meltham; 2 Lugh Corbett-Martin, Hebden Bridge; 3Geoff Jackson, Rotherham.