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the Bantu language of the Buganda people

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The popular press in Uganda echoes this theme with recent articles in the Bukedde Newspaper (a local Luganda language newspaper which has a column that provides advice on marriage and relationships) describing marriage as a relationship of a man and woman united forever by love and a shared vision.
(9.) Frank Rowling, "The Luganda Language," CMS Archives, Birmingham Univ., Birmingham, U.K.
When dala-dala made their first appearance in the late 1960s, the standard fare for a trip was five cents Thailand In Thai language it means 'two rows' Tunisia In French language louage means 'rental' Turkey In Turkish it means 'full', 'stuffed' Uganda Kamunye in Luganda language means 'eagle' United Kingdom Unlike an ordinary share taxi, DRT has to be pre-booked in advance USA The name jitney comes from an archaic, colloquial term for a five-cent piece in the US (five cents was a common fare for the service, when it first came into use), dollar van comes from the fact that the ride would only cost about one dollar Zimbabwe Tshova in Zulu language means 'pedal'
But the Luganda language in which kadongo kamu is performed is known for its double meanings and therefore these songs have always been received as having two levels of meaning.
Today there are only two daily newspapers, the government-owned New Vision published in English, and Ngabo, in the Luganda language. The Monitor is the main weekly, published three times in a week.