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any opponent of technological progress

one of the 19th century English workmen who destroyed laborsaving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment

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And the journey to embrace Ludditism, to eliminate ego, to move forward into the future with love and creativity, and wisdom as my only possession, has transformed me, made my mission on this planet ever more clear and committed, and has prepared me to imagine the impossible (kudos to Sun Ra).
This is the temptation of Ludditism and is seen more recently in the reactions of fundamentalist groups of nearly all major religions.
Analyses of popular culture are often too culturally specific and confined to specialty journals, while scholarship on "cyberspace" either takes the form of knee-jerk Ludditism or techno-babism.
Struggles over the introduction of new labor-saving technology brought Ludditism and other such social movements into being.
Would I escape the charge of Ludditism, as Murphey seeks to do, by making much of the difference between destroying machinery and advocating his compulsory Kelso-ish proposals?