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a person who is loyal to their allegiance (especially in times of revolt)

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On 16 June 2017, the Sir Guy Carleton Branch hosted a Loyalist Flag-raising Ceremony at Ottawa City Hall to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday.
And in a no-holds-barred attack on the Alliance party, they add: "The LCC particularly warns all unionists and loyalists against voting for Alliance Party candidates.
In Choosing Sides: Loyalists in Revolutionary America, Chopra challenges traditional narratives in history, fiction, and film that have depicted British Loyalists as a homogenous cast of wealthy, educated Euro-Americans.
The latest airstrike targeting the loyalists of the terror group comes amid ongoing operations to eliminate the loyalists of the terror group from the restive districts of Nangarhar.
Watson thought it best that loyalists leave the United States, controlled by "Lawless wretches who now persecute them.
In the United States, however, the loyalists remain an absentee community, with no one to speak for their plight or legacy, much less sympathize with their residual devotion to crown and empire.
Often forgotten is the fact that loyalists made up a sizable proportion of the population.
Gathering her information primarily through interviewing ex-prisoners from the UVF, she examines the divides within the paramilitary between "revanchist" and "political" loyalists and their manifestations in class politics, feuding amongst the loyalists, conflicts over attacks on immigrants, and within the wider loyalist community.
Many loyalists expressed doubts that republican attacks along Belfast's peacelines would cease.
This article examines the creation of Loyalist historiography by writers such as Hannay and Raymond, and public commemoration of the Loyalists in a city where most of the population was of non-Loyalist descent.
In the past, Ulster, Scottish and English loyalists have held good-natured marches from pub to pub, but no one seriously believes that will happen again after this.
Well it might have been the first time the individuals involved met the Taoiseach, but as for Loyalists meeting Bertie Ahern it was not historic.
but eventually he is arrested by the Loyalists, accused of spying.
But Adair last night claimed rank-and-file loyalists were backing him.