Lowlands of Scotland

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the southern part of Scotland that is not mountainous


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Robert Napier was born on 18 June 1791 Dumbarton in the West-Central Lowlands of Scotland, the son of James Napier, a blacksmith.
Coordinating the event are two ROM Scotsmen: Ian McGregor, head science teacher in the Education Department, whose clan is, obviously, McGregor, a name at one time outlawed in Scotland for 200 years; and ROM librarian Arthur Smith of clan Davidson, whose Scottish ancestors immigrated to New Brunswick in 1820 from the Lowlands of Scotland.
He also spent time roaming in the lowlands of Scotland after a terrible defeat at the Battle of Arfderydd in 573AD.
They had already rampaged through England, much of Wales, parts of the Lowlands of Scotland and Sicily before a force of Norman-Welsh knights and Flemish landed at Bannow Bay, Wex-ford, in May 1169.
There's not been so much bitter feuding in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland since Mel Gibson brandished his sword and sporran in Braveheart.
By definition, this is understood to mean people from "the north of Britain, the Lowlands of Scotland and the North of Ireland.
The house of Shaw was a great one in the Lowlands of Scotland, and David was eager to take his rightful place among the gentry.
The Mystical Haggis UP in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, There's a creature that roams the land, It has tartan fur for its coat, It runs and hides in the heather, You may see a blur on the landscape, As it darts from here to there.
A Royal Burgh located in the central lowlands of Scotland - about 20 miles from Edinburgh and under an hour from Glasgow by train or car.