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a native of the Lowlands of Scotland

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20) Similar arguments can be found elsewhere in eighteenth-century Scots philology, not least in the work of John Callander of Craigforth (1722-89) who celebrated the fact that of these two kindred languages sprung from 'the old Saxon dialect', Lowland Scots had retained its purity to a far greater extent than English, where the language had been substantially gallicised in the post-Norman era.
1746: The army of Charles Stuart, 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', mainly composed of Highland clansmen with some Lowland Scots and French troops, was routed by English, Lowland Scots and Hessian forces under the Duke of Cumberland at the Battle of Culloden, effectively ending the Jacobite rebellion.
Originally lowland Scots, in the 16th century they migrated south into Yorkshire, eventually settling in Salendine Nook as farmers and they began holding religious services in their barns.
The origins of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain are traced in this book to the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745, the Enlightenment, several technical changes, a director of the Paris Observatory, the third Duke of Richmond, Napoleon Bonaparte, two lowland Scots and some hitherto-obscure Englishmen.
If you read a poem like Ae Fond Kiss, you understand every word, whether you know Lowland Scots or not.
xii) among Indians, Highlanders, and colonialism, a relationship in which the colonial agents confronting Indians included Highlanders and (quite often) other Indians, while Highlanders confronted not just the English but also Lowland Scots and (quite often) other Highlanders.
There are, of course, outward and visible symbols of this connection: a sprinkling of tartan museums which claim to display the ancestral garb of Billy Graham or James Stewart and tend to downplay the role of Lowland Scots.
The highland and lowland Scots, originally tribal and Celtic speaking, made common cause against the English.
By using manuscripts as well as printed tracts, the Presbyterians succeeded in rallying a substantial body of lowland Scots opinion against both the bishops and royal meddling in the Kirk, in ways that anticipated and helped prepare the ground for the Covenanters of the late 1630s.
There exists a major archive of novels, short stories and newspaper articles that feature Lowland Scots as a major component of the speech of its characters and one that in its day enjoyed a popular, and international, audience.
Well, the descendants of the 5000-plus Lowland Scots who fought for the legally constituted British Government, to see off Charlie Stuart and his rag-tag and bobtail outfit of assorted bare backsided Highlanders, Irish rebels and French mercenaries won't be offended.
The topic of the discussion will be the history of a Highland Clan and how they differed from Lowland Scots, English and Irish society.
The pudgy monarch, who had been sadly misinformed as to the customs of the lowland Scots, stomped around the city wearing a pair of flesh-coloured tights under what can only be described as a Royal Stewart tartan mini-kilt.
Unlike Gaelic tales, which were always narrated to musical accompaniment, Lowland Scots stories emphasized the words.
It has often been portrayed as Scots versus English but was more accurately a civil war of Catholic Jacobite Stuarts and their supporters (mostly the Highland clans) versus Protestant Hanoverians and their supporters, who included many of the Lowland Scots and the most powerful clan, the Campbells.