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the part of northern Michigan between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron

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DETROIT, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of kayakers, standup paddle boarders and surfskiers this summer will join in the inaugural Paddle Relay Around Lower Michigan .
following regular firearms season: ~ 30 Nov) in Lower Michigan.
Unfortunately, this event also featured the first fatal tornado in Northern Lower Michigan in over thirty years.
Some specific topics covered include the influence of landscape features on summer water temperatures in lower Michigan streams, the importance of multiscale habitat relations and biotic associations in the conservation of an endangered fish species, and geomorphic and anthropogenic influences on fish and amphibians in Pacific Northwest coastal streams.
Michigan's West Coast acts as a remarkable guide for anybody wishing to discover a more in-depth, less known area of lower Michigan and its Lake Michigan coastal region.
McNichol says the MDOT supports the I-73 concept in principle, since it makes sense to connect a series of roads through central and lower Michigan.
He and his wife, Lois, who is a dear friend, live on a farm in lower Michigan.
Three years ago, a well-known lower Michigan die maker had two, old style, bag-type dust collectors: one in die repair and one in die manufacturing.
Although he focuses on Detroit and southeastern Michigan, Lorence covers organizing activities in the northern and western portions of lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
The crowds that line 16th Street in Indianapolis throughout the month of May, looking to sell tickets at vastly inflated prices, are nowhere to be found in the tranquil, rolling hills of lower Michigan.
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital is a 243-bed, regional referral center located in Petoskey, serving residents in 22 counties across northern lower Michigan and the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula.
Forecasts of damaging winds were also issued for southern Wisconsin and lower Michigan.
This third volume in the series contains 276 maps and drawings published in 1946 of the railroads of Indiana, Lower Michigan, and Ohio.
Shannon was born in Petoskey and raised in Gaylord, both small towns in northern lower Michigan.
Atlas": If I connected / all the spots / on the back / of my left hand / with a blue marker, / it would look like / a road map / of southern lower Michigan.
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