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an inexpensive fipple flute

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Imagine, then, my thrill of terror when last night, as I lay awake, thinking over her terrible fate, I suddenly heard in the silence of the night the low whistle which had been the herald of her own death.
Martin emitted a long, low whistle of incredulity, then proceeded to resurrect and read a carbon copy of "The Palmist."
Captain MacWhirr emitted a low whistle. He forgot himself till the flame diminished to a blue spark, burnt his fingers and vanished.
I emitted a low whistle which didn't seem to travel in that peculiar atmosphere more than two feet away from my lips, but all the same Rose came tripping down the stairs at once.
At the same time, a low whistle is wafted through the Inn and a suppressed voice cries, "Hip!
An older man in the group grunted and topped them all: "A long, low whistle coming from an auto mechanic who is under the hood of your car!"
When a low whistle calls, he's delighted to meet another fine red fox who finally shares what foxes do in winter.
Yet, despite the passage of many decades, my sons took an immediate liking to Irish music, learning to play the fiddle and low whistle.
The crawling man gave a low whistle, which I did not answer.
They use a low whistle or similar and hold the baby over the potty or sink when they think the infant is ready for the toilet.
"Rather than waiting until they are three or four, many Chinese and Indian parents start toilet training babies in the first few weeks of their lives by using a low whistle or sound when they think the infant is ready to go.
She hosts concerts there with highly regarded traditional music performers such as Andrea Beaton, a fiddler from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and Cillian Vallely, of Armagh, Northern Ireland, who plays traditional Irish music on the uilleann pipes and low whistle.
Eventually the band became a full-time professional outfit with Trevor Hutchinson on double bass, Ed Boyd on guitar, Sean Smith on fiddle and low whistle, Cillian Vallely on Uilleann pipes and low whistle, and Kevin on concert flutes, and low and tin whistles.
I tried furiously to delay their departure from our backwoods exhibition in favour of the big time by rolling my eyes, shaking my head sadly and emitting a discouraging low whistle through my teeth.
Solas musicians include Seamus Egan, flute, tenor banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, low whistle, guitars and bodhran; Winifred Horan, violins and vocals; Mick McAuley, accordions, concertina, low whistle and vocals; Eamon McElholm, guitars, keyboards and vocals; and Niamh Varian- Barry, vocals.