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Second, at low mass the isotope distribution can be used to eliminate possible struc tures.
In the case of a setup that Utica has developed, in its lineup of Flexlaser systems, the same sort of small, fast motor used in computer printers is deployed to rapidly move the mirror around--after all, the mirror has low mass, so the moving mechanism can be far less than what's needed to move a robot arm.
The antenna, with its standard SMT form factor, also offers important advantages such as small size, low mass and is built in 50 [OMEGA] impedance matching over external antennas.
These aerospace radar systems will need highly efficient transmit amplifiers, as well as novel approaches to antenna packaging and integration, to meet requirements for multifunction performance, low mass and affordable cost.
There are other reasons for getting the head closer, but anyway, that provided for greater track density, which was the track following servo and then the third one was the low mass lightly loaded head or, as some people call it, the Winchester head.
In fact, given the competitive advantages of WayCool, which include low manufacturing cost, instantaneous heat removal (regardless of power density of the electronic component to be cooled), low mass, supreme scalability and ability to adapt to any possible form factor, we believe that our technology may indeed hold the potential to corner the thermal cooling market.
The image also suggests that low mass brown dwarfs - objects that have the awkward distinction of being too large to be called planets and too small to be categorized as stars - may be more common than observations so far suggest.
For if WIMPs turn out to have a low mass, one of the main motivations for seeking them so enthusiastically in the first place will have been a mirage.
London, Dec 23 (ANI): The "dark matter" theory has received yet another blow as scientists have detected a very low mass, faint star in a star cluster for the first time.
Given the planet's high mass of 6 Jupiters and the host star's low mass of about 85 Jupiters, the system resembles a very-low-mass binary star more than a star-planet system.
The Ultramic 600 advanced ceramic heater features a high-thermal conductivity aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramic composition paired with a proprietary, thermally matched, heating element to enable a fast responding heater configured in a low mass package.
It is configured to solve fit problems, while low mass and inertia help to maximize machine performance.
As a result of this low water content, forced circulation and low mass, the start up time is extremely rapid.
Due to its comparatively high degree of pumping efficiency, the pressure required for fine straining can be built up with the minimum amount of friction and therefore low mass temperature.
The new method is based on mass spectrometry, a long-standing technique for characterizing low mass substances, but one that is difficult to use on high mass polymers owing to the requirement of producing intact charged molecules in the vapor state.