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the lowland region of western Europe on the North Sea: Belgium and Luxembourg and the Netherlands

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Despite the false accusations made yesterday by France, Equatorial Guinea insists on respect for International Law", the Ambassador for Equatorial Guinea to the Low Countries, Carmelo Nvono-Nca, pointed out today.
It's early days, but it's fair to say Boro have high hopes for their two boys from the Low Countries and there's definitely more to come from both.
Scholars of late medieval and early modern Europe routinely point out the importance of the Low Countries for the development of trade and the rise of merchant capitalism.
Van Duijn provides an insight into the variation in the fifty-one (out of sixty-one) known copies of the first printed Dutch book, a diversity that was already evident when this first printed Bible in the Low Countries was produced.
The High Art of the Low Countries BBC Four, Thursday, 9pm Andrew Graham-Dixon has been a bit quiet of late, but that's probably because he's been throwing all his energies into this latest project in which he's touring the Low Countries, exploring how history has influenced the area's art, architecture and culture.
High Impact: Literature from The Low Countries comes to Liverpool on Wednesday as part of a six cities nationwide tour.
The politics of memory; the writing of partition in the seventeenth-century Low Countries.
The years 1710-1711 marked a significant cornerstone in the history of Anabaptism in Switzerland with repercussions also for Mennonites in France, Germany, the Low Countries and North America: the deportation of more than 350 Anabaptists, many of whom settled in the Alsace, the Kraichgau, the Palatinate, or the Low Countries, while others dared to return to their homes in Switzerland.
The 46-year-old, whose full name cannot be revealed, has admitted 20 rapes in Germany and the Low Countries and asked for another 1,000 sex offences to be considered.
Elsa Strietman and Peter Happe's collection of essays crosses this Anglo-Dutch linguistic divide; they have gathered--and translated--several recent articles by prominent Dutch scholars on the urban drama of the Low Countries.
For decades, the world of the urban drama and poetry companies in the Low Countries known as the chambers of rhetoric was the scholarly preserve of Dutch and Belgian literary scholars alone.
Holbein, the well-connected son of a famous painter, set off on his travels armed with a letter of recommendation from the titanic scholar Erasmus, seeking employment in France and the Low Countries before finding work in London painting portraits of royal courtiers.
Art in the Low Countries during the 1600s was dominated by the Brueghel family, who worked in Antwerp amidst political and social change.
The Low Countries in High Style Everything you need to know about cruising the ancient waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium on a deluxe all-gay riverboat.
Boonen, already the most popular man in Belgium after winning the Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders classics earlier this year, looks likely to spread his fame beyond the Low Countries after two brilliant stage wins in 24 hours.