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English poet (1618-1857)

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Lovelace Biomedical offers scientific research experience from the Lovelace family of companies, including the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, which uses a multi-disciplinary toolset to address simple and complex preclinical challenges.
Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and is named after the world's first computer programmer.
Lovelace, who turns 88 on Tuesday, said he was in the five-star general's residence, at the U.
Lovelace often selects items that have domestic or utilitarian references because she is interested in the history that seemingly banal objects carry and the way those histories might invest her objects with meaning.
On Ada Lovelace Day on 13 October, which is a day international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM, over 200 female students visited Nationwide's offices in Swindon, Northampton, Bournemouth and London to find out more about STEM roles.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 14, 2015-Nationwide encoruages female pupils to take up STEM subjects to mark Ada Lovelace day
PUPILS at Hinchliffe Mill JI School received a visit from historic mathematician Ada Lovelace.
Rehearsing and Improvising the Self: Performance in the Novels of Earl Lovelace.
New York, December 9 ( ANI ): New York's 'Museum of Sex' is set to honour Linda Lovelace with an exhibition called 'The Eve of Porn'.
Hija de un policia y una ama de casa represiva y golpeadora, Lovelace paso de ser el arquetipo de la alumna de escuela catolica a estrella de la cinta mas famosa y redituable en la historia de la pornografia: Garganta profunda.
Lovelace," the biopic of hardcore porn actress Linda Lovelace, sometimes feels too academic to be consistently engaging, but it's nonetheless a gripping tale that needs to be told because of its vivid depiction of the evils of domestic violence.
The language of Lovelace is the spoken language of the community.
Lovelace' is based on the story of a porn star Linda Lovelace who in spite of being an eminent personality of 1970's Linda came into limelight after making her debut in a pornographic the film 'Deep Throat'.
If Linda Boreman were alive today, she would likely be pleased that producers of the upcoming film depicting her tumultuous life as porn star Linda Lovelace just won a big victory against the producers of "Deep Throat," the 1972 porn film she later regretted starring in.
The Little House actress who got a taste of prodducing Lovelace, a biopic in which she also starred as Linda Lovelace, hopes to make a transition from beiing in front of the screen to behind it, Contactmusic reported.