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an art museum that is a famous tourist attraction in Paris

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It was expected to keep rising, reaching 20 feet by Saturday, as high as the June 2016 flooding when authorities were forced to close several monuments, including the Louvre Museum.
Proactive TM also enables scheduled service rather than reactive emergency service calls, thereby enabling the Louvre museum to cut its operating expenses.
Titled "From One Louvre to Another," the exhibition promises to provide a comprehensive history lesson on the Louvre Museum, and will be divided into three sections.
In 2007, the Louvre Museum in Paris signed agreement to allow the government of Abu Dhabi to use the "Louvre" name for its new museum for 30 years, and for management advice and assistance.
Standing 12 metres tall, Domestikator, a creation from Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout, was originally expected to stand in the 13th century Tuileries Gardens adjacent to Paris' Louvre museum as part of a contemporary art fair this month.
During the tour, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed were briefed on a number of art works, including an ancient statue of the Sphinx dating back to the 6th century BC, and the bust of Alexander the Great on loan from the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Over 300 representatives from 25 countries of the world's leading museums and art galleries, that included iconic institutions as the Louvre Museum (Paris), The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), Tate (London), Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (Poland), and many others, converged in Riga for the international museum conference "We Are Museums 2017".
The suspect, who has not been named by the police, was identified as a 29-year-old man from Egypt hours after he was shot while storming the legendary Louvre museum with a machete, (http://www.
THIS is an intriguing documentary about the Louvre museum during the Nazi occupation of Paris.
The authorities closed the Louvre museum, the national library, the Orsay museum and the Grand Palais exhibition centre.
PARIS, Sha'ban 26, 1437, June 02, 2016, SPA -- Paris prepared to close an underground metro line as water levels in the river Seine kept rising, and staff at the Louvre museum were told the venue was likely to close too.
Cruising Through the Louvre" by author, artist, and graphic novelist David Prudhomme meanders through the Louvre museum of Paris, France.
Meanwhile, the ready- to- wear collection was showcased recently at the courtyard of the historic Louvre Museum.
The opening of Abu Dhabi's $650m branch of Louvre museum has been postponed until next year due to pending construction work, a senior official said on 3 October, 2015.
George, who paints, sculpts and takes photographs in his spare time, was selected to be featured in the Fifth Annual Exposure Award at the Louvre Museum.