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a native or resident of Louisiana


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(11.) "A Negro Mathematician's Claim," Weekly Louisianian (New Orle--s, LA), November 3, 1877, pg.
The Louisianian ridiculed its proponents, arguing that "according to [states' rights advocates] the enemies of Equal Rights and the Constitution which uphold[s] them have only to get possession of the machinery of a State, and they may rob, maim, burn, and slay loyal Unionists with perfect impunity." (139) Citing the Supremacy Clause and the Fifteenth Amendment, the paper concluded that this vision of states' rights "is consistent neither with the spirit nor the letter of that grand Charter of our National existence." (140)
Ninety years before Humphreys County became a reality, Louisianian Alvarez Fisk saw agricultural opportunity and the wealth that was associated with what he surely must have envisioned as a win-win situation.
If Senate Democrats hold Louisianian Mary Landrieu's seat in a December 7 runoff, they will--with the help of Vermont Independent Jim Jeffords--control 49 of 100 seats.
Ovigerous crabs were obtained during summer 2000 from coastal sites in three biogeographic provinces: Virginian, Carolinian, and Louisianian. Mean embryo diameter per female ranged from 243-309 [micro]m and mean individual embryo dry weight ranged from 2.3-2.9 [micro]g; neither measure was significantly different among the provinces.
According to Kaufman's family members, although there is some possibility that his paternal great-grandfather was Jewish, the Kaufmans considered themselves typical Louisianian middle-class Black Catholics.
Pikes, a native Louisianian, made history not only for Southern University but also for the State of Louisiana and for the African-American Community.
Pinchback (1837-1921), publisher of the New Orleans Louisianian; and Robert Lee Vann (1879-1940), organizer and publisher of the Pittsburgh Courier, an early rival of the Defender.
Playwright D'Amour, a fellow Louisianian who divides her time between the Big Easy and Brooklyn, is a frequent Rep collaborator--Hayes directed the regional premiere of her Detroit at the Rep last year--and a Hayes enthusiast.
MacRae called Mills "a deeply spiritual poet" who unselfishly "speaks to universal human experience" and predicted that Mills's verse would last, "For, in the end, unselfish works of art stand the test of time." (17) And the current writer, as a fellow conservative formalist poet and fellow Louisianian, concluded as Follows in 2003: "Light for the Orphans [is] one of the most powerful and promising first books by any poet, Louisianian or otherwise, that this reviewer has ever seen.
It is a long time since the quiet Louisianian did win, four years in fact, but the signs are, with second place at the Wyndham and 11th at Annandale, that this former pillar of the US Ryder Cup side still has plenty to offer.
A Louisianian who played Texas clubs in the 1970s, Lucinda mixed folk and Delta blues with her own material, but her listener base grew sizeable only in 1988, with the release of Lucinda Williams, followed by Sweet Old World and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which won a Grammy in 1998 (in the category of Best Contemporary Folk album).
we have to get back to a more central, centrist theme, which is what got the President elected in the first place," the Louisianian opined days after the cataclysm.
Matteson, top-25 on his first two outings, represents a far bigger threat than Hawaiian McLachlin, who has yet to finish better than 70th this year, and this looks good for the quiet Louisianian who was once USPGA champion and the best American player on their 2002 Ryder Cup team at The Belfry.
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