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a native or resident of Louisiana


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BP claim that the disaster was caused by the explosion of the exploratory well sub-contracted to and drilled in the Mississippi Canyon, Block 252 by Transocean Ltd ( a company registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands, wherever that is), and if Louisianan claimants think the value of their homes, jobs, boats and beaches are going to skyrocket due to this catastrophe, I doubt it.
He is still only 43 and the ever-steady Louisianan has proved in recent weeks, with 14th place at the Masters and 13th at Colonial, that he is still a force at the highest level.
The state's most famous political personality and a uniquely Louisianan character, Huey P.
Waiting in his locker when he got here was an authentic Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints jersey, a gift from backup catcher and fellow Louisianan Danny Ardoin, and an appreciative Pierre immediately hung it in a prominent place.
From Labor Day Monday through Friday of that week this Shelter housed approximately 1700 displaced guests from the state of Louisianan.
As a native Louisianan he was more concerned than most as the storm approached, knowing what a category 4 or 5 hurricane could do to New Orleans.
One of our most loyal Coffee Club members was a transplanted Louisianan, as well as a dedicated scholar and teacher, and a geyser of enthusiasm for her own and everyone else's ideas.
Benjamin, himself a foreign-born Louisianan, ruled that aliens would only be obligated to provide home defense.
Professor Scott recounts the stories, familiar to specialists in Louisianan and Cuban history, of suffrage struggles and their contrasting outcomes.
Fred Smith, the president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and, more to the point, a native Louisianan who monitored events there as closely as he could, says: "There were avenues in and out of the city--people could have been enlisted to come into the city to make pickups, and the problem could have been alleviated much earlier.
In ways similar to another study set in prewar Los Angeles, George Sanchez's Becoming Mexican American, (12) Sides traces the city's black migrants back to their Texan and Louisianan roots, exploring how racial discrimination in their home cities drove African American workers West.
Sherman obviously felt at home with his fellow Louisianan because he stayed with him for five years.
Hollywood seems to have turned to another Louisianan, Senator John Breaux, who joined with Senator Max Baucus to break ranks with the Democratic caucus and lend a veneer of bipartisanship to the Medicare bill.
Toms, 34, has won more than [pound]3million in the last two years but the quiet Louisianan is a virtual unknown outside his own country.
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