Louisiana Purchase

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territory in the western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million

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Supreme Court decision granted the federal government control of the land, based off of agreements originally formed in the Louisiana Purchase.
Caption: Members of the Corps of Discovery that explored and mapped the wilderness area known as the Louisiana Purchase from May 1804 to September 1806 had many exciting encounters during the expedition.
All but one of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition's grand neo-Classical exhibition palaces were temporary structures.
Louisiana Purchase State Park--A boardwalk winding through a swamp leads to a monument marking the starting point of 1815 surveys for the Louisiana Purchase.
In the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 the United States bought 828,000 square miles of land.
The purchase was viewed as a great source of pride by Qatari officials, as if it were the Louisiana Purchase.
Louisiana was then ceded back to France where it was sold by Napoleon to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
The Louisiana Purchase was one of Thomas Jefferson's great moves.
A long history stretching back from the Louisiana purchase and how the festivities have changed over the past hundreds of years.
New Territories, New Perspectives: The Religious Impact of the Louisiana Purchase.
We don't know where the bottom is yet, see no evidence that the bailout is working, and already, as Barry Ritholtz, author of Bailout Nation, points out, the bailout has cost more than the Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, moonshot, S&L bailout, Korean War, New Deal, Iraq war, Vietnam war, and NASA's lifetime budget--combined
Despite the lure of the to-go (or "geaux") cups, the constant jazz stimulation, and the sunshine, we ventured inside the Cabildo--site of the Louisiana Purchase Transfer ceremonies in 1803 and Louisiana's most important historical building.
This may seem contradictory, but Crapol shows that it is, in fact, a presumption of Jeffersonian lineage that first manifested itself in the Louisiana Purchase.
This wreck dates from an extremely fascinating and important time in the history of the Gulf of Mexico," said MMS Acting Regional Director Lars Herbst, "This ship likely sailed around the time of the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, and the infamous buccaneer Jean Lafitte.
Army General James Wilkinson ordered Pike to explore the southwestern part of the Louisiana Purchase.
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