Louis Antoine de Bougainville

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French explorer who circumnavigated the globe accompanied by scientists (1729-1811)


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His visit was followed a year later by French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, whose subsequent account, Voyage autour du monde, described the island as an earthly paradise whose occupants lived free of sophisticated civilisation's corruption.
He revisits the history of the first European encounters with Tahiti, first through the verbal account of the French discoverer of the island, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, and the visual record of William Hodges, the artist who accompanied Captain Cook on his second voyage around the world.
Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811), who hoped to establish a French settlement on the islands and arrived there in 1763 with 29 Acadians from Nova Scotia, is a figure of world importance, as are such later explorers as the Spaniard Alejandro Malaspina (1754-1810) and the Russian Thaddeus yon Bellingshausen (1779-1852).
Accompanied by his aide-de-camp, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, a noted mathematician and one of the few men to be elected to both the Royal Society and the Academie des Sciences, Brigadier Francois-Gaston, Chevalier de Levis, his second-in-command and a man of humble origins who had proved himself a superb soldier, and Francois-Charles de Boulamaque, his chief engineer, Montcalm arrived in Quebec on May 12, 1756 to a restrained welcome.
Quant a l'aide de camp Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, il prend soin de souligner dans l'un de ses memoires sur la situation coloniale, en 1757, que la monnaie de papier [...] est imprimee a l'imprimerie royale de Paris , mais reste muet en ce qui concerne quelque etablissement que ce soit lie a la production et a la diffusion de l'imprime dans la colonie.
The Sea Has No End: The Life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville by Victor Suthren, published in 2004 by The Dundurn Group; Includes 216 pages and select bibliography.
The first was French, led by Louis-Antoine de Bougainville; the second was British, led by James Cook.