Louis the German

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king of France and Germany (846-879)

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Forty years later, the abbot of Fulda, Hrabanus Maurus, found himself embroiled in the bitter conflicts between Louis the German and his brother Lothar over Louis's East Frankish kingdom.
Two of Charlemagne's grandsons, Louis the German and Charles the Bald, cemented their alliance of East Franks and West Franks against their brother, Emperor Lothair I, by taking the Oath of Strasbourg in 842.
Charles the Fat writing before Louis the German was a rebellious son possessed by the devil in his father's version.
He later served the emperors Louis the Pious and Louis the German in various capacities.
Born in 823, the son of Emperor Louis I the Pious by his second wife Judith of Bavaria, and grandson of Charlemagne; his birth provoked civil war among his half-brothers over their inheritance rights to Louis I's realm, but he won the support of his brother Louis the German (842), and received the western third of the Frankish empire by the Treaty of Verdun (843); soon engaged in war with the Vikings and Bretons (844), he also reasserted royal authority over the counts, and executed two of the most rebellious; made king of Aquitaine (region of southwest France) (c.
Stuart Arlie places the Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum of 870 in the context of Salzburg's leading role as a missionary church, its loyalty to Louis the German, and its concern to defend its authority against a rival missionary, Methodius, in Pannonia.