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United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 12 years (1914-1981)

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1814: Louis XVIII took the throne of France after |Napoleon's defeat and exile by the allies.
It all began in 1815 when King Louis XVIII sent a naval fleet, including the grand Medusa ship, to Senegal, to reclaim the land from the British.
L'arrivee au pouvoir de Louis XVIII constitue donc dans la fiction balzacienne, au-dela d'un simple changement de regime politique, la disparition d'un principe d'autorite discursive clair, qui definissait l'individu et sa relation au monde.
In 1814, the Sixth Coalition, whose core was Russia, Prussia, and Austria, militarily defeated Napoleon, forced him to abdicate, and restored legitimate government to France in the form of Louis XVIII.
Montignac exhibited a bust of Louis XVIII, Duplan a plan for military barracks, and Raimond a scene from the French invasion of Spain in 1823.
The hotel's most famous resident was Louis XVIII, exiled King of France, who made this glorious corner of Buckinghamshire his home for five years from 1809 until 1814.
Around 25 rare Italian and French military helmets, including a helmet from the Personal Guard of King Louis XVIII and a general's helmet from the period of King Umberto I.
Even after the downfall of Napoleon and the crowning of Louis XVIII, the debate continued with new proponents of the guild system emerging after 1815.
Political propaganda from public ceremony to printed caricatures reveals the vexed issue of authenticity at the heart of the debates surrounding the installation of Louis XVIII on a resurrected and restored throne (chapter four).
The house was the home of Louis XVIII, the then king of France, from 1809 to 1814 during the French Revolution and on the face of things, little has changed - there is a regal feel throughout the bedrooms and bars, the 90 acres of garden and parkland and especially the giant lounges.
After the Congress of Vienna returned King Louis XVIII to the French throne, his advisers debated whether or not to recognize the debt incurred by Napoleon.
Gericault--again, very typically for this artist--suggests violence and passion even in the improbable subject of Louis XVIII reviewing troops during the 1814 Restoration.
There were French royalists who were hot for summary revenge, but the newly restored Louis XVIII did not feel secure enough to have charge of his disruptive opponent, while the British conceded that Louis was too weak to keep him safe and preserve the tranquility of Europe.
The main purpose of the journey was to be more scientific than exploratory, although Louis XVIII expressed a hope that 'France might have in the islands of Polynesia and Australia a few places where French ships could transport civilisation and its benefits' (p.
After a brief spell as prime minister under Louis XVIII, he was forced to retire to his estate for a lengthy period, only to make a comeback under the "People's Monarch," Louis Philippe, who sent him to Britain as ambassador.