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United States naturalist (born in Switzerland) who studied fossil fish

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Holbrook seems to have developed an interest in fishes as early as the late 1820s, as shown by his donations of several specimens to the Museum di-Es-toire naturelle in Paris by the early 1830s (Stephens, 1997, 2000); that interest eventually led to an association with Louis Agassiz.
Rogers was no Faraday, but he did direct a state-wide geological survey, write over one hundred chemistry, physics, and geology articles and presentations, spar with Louis Agassiz over evolution, and organize an institute of technology based on European models of science instruction.
Swiss-born Louis Agassiz was the most famous naturalist in America in the mid19th century.
An unresolved tension between faith and reason prevails in Hemingway's work, but to fully comprehend this tension, we must first lay to rest the common misperception that his years at Oak Park High School lacked any significant introduction to Darwinian evolutionary theory and were instead dominated by the anti-evolutionary teachings of Louis Agassiz.
En el presente texto se analiza un conjunto de fotografias en apariencia incongruentes pero cercanas en cuanto a sus modalidades de exhibicion del cuerpo: el grupo de fotografias antropometricas recopiladas por el cientifico suizo Louis Agassiz durante su viaje a Brasil en 1865 y las cartes de visite (tarjetas de visita) de "tipos y costumbres de negros" producidas por el fotografo Christiano Junior el mismo ano en Rio de Janeiro.
few artists, such as Louis Agassiz Fuertes, were accomplished at both.
1830s -- Swiss naturalist Louis Agassiz presents evidence of past changes in Alpine glaciers, pointing to ancient Ice Ages and showing that the climate has not always been stable.
Harvard professor Louis Agassiz and empiricist Samuel Morton emerge as particular 19 th century villains--Roberts quotes Agassiz calling social equality "impracticable" because "it is the natural impossibility flowing from the very character of the negro race.
He debated common descent with Louis Agassiz in writing and in public discussions.
In the final episode of the series, he looks at Louis Agassiz (not Scottish) and James Croll (very Scottish), and how their work into the ice ages changed accepted theory.
Every scientific truth goes through three states: Louis Agassiz first, people say it conflicts with the Bible; next, they say it has been discovered before, lastly, they say they always believed it.
The first inklings of the role ice has played in shaping the world emerged in the late 1830s, when Swiss-born scientist Louis Agassiz postulated that large sheets of ice once covered much of the globe.
At the same time, she elucidates the many ways in which Humboldt's passionate anti-slavery stance was silenced in North America by Humboldt's student Louis Agassiz and other polygenists of the day.
A leading proponent of such instruction was Harvard naturalist Louis Agassiz, who promoted exploratory drawing and writing as a means of understanding.