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the basic unit of money in Lesotho

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Les differentes positions sur les notions de justice globale que nous avons exposees n'epuisent evidemment pas l'etendue des arguments sur la justice distributive, les droits humains et la responsabilite des citoyens globalement mieux lotis vis-a-vis des pauvres.
Soon he was accompanying singers such as Lita Rosa, Denis Lotis and Dorothy Squires and working regularly with Billy Cotton.
Singer Dennis Lotis provided the most unpleasant spots, his mannered London Palladium delivery murdering Mack The Knife and bleaching out the soul of Georgia On My Mind.
Sunday Mercury reader Michael Kaveney of Hollybank Road, Billesley wondered what happened to Dennis Lotis.
The Greek myth is that Lotis, a daughter of Poseidon, fleeing from Priapus, was changed into a tree, which was called Lotus after her.
Best Entertainment Story, Lotis Key, Positively Filipino , 'Standing Room Only'
D'autres clubs de haut standing evoluant actuellement dans les divisions inferieures tels que le MO Constantine, le WA Tlemcen et HAMRA Annaba, ont eux aussi quitte la competition a l'issue du dernier tour regional, pour la plupart face a des adversaires nettement moins bien lotis.
Le football marocain doit s'estimer heureux de ne pas faire partie des 26 pays les moins bien lotis au dernier classement FIFA de juillet 2015.
Among its noted titleholders were ballet dancer Jojie Felix Ilarde and actress Lotis Key.
However, my favourite, even to this day, was the fabulous Ted Heath Orchestra with singers Dicky Valentine, Denis Lotis and Lita Rosa.
Other acts included: Ken Macintosh and Ted Heath, who introduced singers like Dicky Valentine, Leta Rosa, and Dennis Lotis and all three became famous in their own right.
Steve is from Pontefract and has worked as musical director for several performers including Ted Rogers, The Bachelors, Craig Douglas, Clinton Ford, Dennis Lotis and Jimmy Cricket.
En vue de controler le developpement excessif de ces quartiers non structures, les pouvoirs publics ont durant la decennie 1960-1970, mis en place les quartiers lotis (lotissements communaux) et les quartiers residentiels modernes destines a accueillir les hauts cadres de l'Etat.
Business was so good for Standard in the 1920s that further premises previously occupied by Henry Sturmey's LOTIS firm at 160 Widdrington Road were acquired by 1925.