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a globular water bottle used in Asia

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Mendoza said Lota told investigators that she was sleeping in the back seat.
Officers said Mr Lota's family would like to thank the media and public for their help and support during the past week but ask that they now be left in peace to come to terms with their loss.
One of Brother Ambrose's alleged victims, a 54-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer, was sent to Lota when he was just 10.
The translator's preface describes it as "a biography that explicitly confesses its desire to be a novel while at the same time drawing on the kind of research one would expect of a biography." Oliveira invents scenes complete with dialogue and the inner thoughts of the "characters." 'While each scene is thoroughly grounded in research, and anyone familiar with Bishop's papers can almost see them being highlighted throughout this book, there remains the difficult fact that no one can know exactly what Bishop and Lota thought and did in private.
There are three main seams suitable for extraction at Lota, seams 2, 3 and 5, with a 12 m vertical interval between 2 and 3 and seam 5 lying a further 55 m below seam 3.
she decides, "killed" Lota. Her one "desire," she writes,
Sukhdev Lota, aged 64, of Laburnum Grove, Warwick left a relative's home in Richardson Close at about 7.30pm and has not been seen since.
John was just eight when Br Ambrose - real name James Kelly - started abusing him at Lota outside Cork city.