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a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

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As I am currently not allowed to have all these machines and games at the back of my joint and must rely solely on my prices, not only to be competitive but also to produce a margin, I am unable to offer any loss-leader attractions.
It's a loss-leader type program that is solely aimed at getting people in the door at Wal-Mart.
The solution lies in marketing and merchandising processes that don't have to appeal to loss-leader enticements.
For some companies, the business is slowly changing into one where the newsletters are the breakeven or even loss-leader business that makes profits possible in activities like audio-conferences and one-shots.
Bread is used by supermarket chains as a loss-leader - prices are kept lower than the cost of production to entice customers into the store.
Big retailers have long used milk as a loss-leader, pushing down the price paid to farmers for their produce.
The company expects to have revenue of $500,000 this year and now only will sell to out-of-town resellers in an effort to expand market recognition, since wholesaling is a loss-leader.
And besides, they already have a price image because of their loss-leader advertising.
He said audits should remain the "soul" of the public accounting profession, "not a loss-leader retained as a foot in the door for higher fee consulting services.
It is our view that no one is served by a loss-leader type of approach.
Retailers in Fort Frances have been advised to cut their costs by finding new suppliers and loss-leader gas stations have also been recommended to keep shoppers on this side of the border.
Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics, said, "We expect Nokia to use royalty-free Symbian software as a loss-leader to drive profitable growth in handsets and services in 2009.
He added: "Many reasons for this are outside landlords control, like increases in excise duty and beer being sold in supermarkets as a loss-leader.
The drinks industry has come under repeated fire for selling alcohol as a loss-leader.
ALCOHOL no doubt has a major role in fuelling anti-social behaviour and downright yobbery, aided by supermarkets off-loading beer as a loss-leader in the same way they used to flog cheap bread.