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one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement

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She said: "This time, a report was sent to Norwich Union and the loss adjuster said I would hear within a week."
In March, loss adjusters said settlement would be forwarded.
``Coming from a firm of strict loss adjusters, bosses who were mean Yorkshiremen, I had been brought up to eliminate or reduce waste.
When she contacted the loss adjuster, he told her he was waiting for instructions.
If you are not able to live on the premises any more, your insurer or loss adjuster should be able to help you make alternative arrangements quickly.
Contract notice: Contract of service loss adjuster to handle claims of less than or equal to the contractual excess of eur 25 000 as provided in the policy rct / rco of the municipality of monza.
"Their loss adjuster later told me they did not seek to dispute liability for the incident.
Gielisch GmbH in DE-sseldorf, where he was most recently Senior Loss Adjuster, Division Manager and an Executive Board Member.
International loss adjuster, Charles Taylor, has said that it has purchased Chile-based FGR Group.
Specialist loss adjuster vrs VeriClaim, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., completed its acquisition of Certo chartered loss adjusters to develop its third-party administration (TPA) and commercial loss adjusting capability.
"For alternate accommodation, we are requesting owners to provide the Loss Adjuster team with their title deed, passport and visa copy, the new accommodation tenancy contract and proof they paid for it," said Balaji Ganapathy, senior vice-president and Head of Non-Motor Claims at OIC.
The CEO Patrick Choffel was personally on site together with the designated loss adjuster and the OIC's Claim personnel to coordinate emergency support.
A DISHONEST man who repeatedly changed his name by deed poll to help him carry out a series of frauds tried to bribe a loss adjuster to support a false insurance claim.
McLarens Young International (MYI), a global loss adjuster, on Wednesday announced a merger with Airclaims, a provider of claims, risk and assessment services to the aviation community.
Also joining from Marsh is Andrew Voice, a chartered loss adjuster with more than 19 years experience.