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largest city in Nevada

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Los Vegas -- so named because it's run by the Vega family, and translates from Spanish to "the Vegas" -- signed a lease on a new storefront about 10 minutes away from its previous location.
WELSH PRIDE Tom Jones sings the National Anthem before Joe Calzaghe's fight in Los Vegas
New York, Los Vegas and Los Angeles should continue to be hot buys globally, with the continuance of the weak dollar.
If you're into sports photography, you should have been at SPAA 2008 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Los Vegas, Nev., during PMA 08.
The prize is a residency in Las Vegas (or "Los Vegas" as Norton called it), which makes Frank a better bet than Robbie or Cliff.
More outlets are on the way--the chain has 122 store locations lined up, and it intends to have 50 open in southern California, Phoenix and Los Vegas by the end of February.
Wolfgang Puck's second restaurant to open in Los Vegas offers Chinese, French, Japanese and Asian cuisine.
of Nevada, Los Vegas) has closely examined primary sources to detail the lives of women who had to be as tough as the West to survive, particularly in the early colonization of California.
Both the illegal den's operators and the visiting punters were breaking Singaporean law and the authorities were not prepared to turn a blind eye, but this episode, coming so soon after the American clamp-down on online poker - while permitting cities such as Los Vegas to thrive - smacks of a global Canute-style effort to prevent people from playing cards.
7-8 The National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry will hold its western regional symposium at the Red Rock Casino in Los Vegas. For more information, call (410) 267-0504 or on the Web al
Polyurethane Manufacturers Association, 2007 PMA Annual Meeting & Supplier Showcase, Harrah's Casino, Los Vegas, NV, PMA (414) 431-3094 or 15-17.
It was not too well organized either; at least not as well as its Los Vegas sister event.
--Michelle Thomas, protesting the planned military test of o bomb, dubbed "Divine Stroke," in southern Utah that will result in o mushroom cloud more than 10,000 feet high and will kick up radioactive debris left over from Cold War nuclear tests (Los Vegas Sun, May 14, 2006)