Los Alamos

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a town in north central New Mexico

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Average per-capita income in Rio Arriba: $20,000, well below half Los Alamos County's $50,740.
The safe and efficient cleanup of the Los Alamos site in New Mexico is a high priority for the Department of Energy," the department said in a statement.
The CEO of Los Alamos National Bank, Bill Enloe, is to retire from the position.
We are grateful for the tremendous efforts of emergency responders that helped spare the lab and the town of Los Alamos.
DPU will team with the New Energy Technology and Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry, and Los Alamos National Labs on the Los Alamos project.
Los Alamos researchers used their COTS-in-Space (commercial off-the-shelf) concept, testing electronic products for their ability to resist radiation damage and withstand the operating environments associated with space travel.
Joan Hinton joined the Los Alamos laboratory while still a
This text contains a collection of nine edited first-person accounts of wives of these researchers--among them Wilson, who was an English teacher at Los Alamos High School, and Serber, who was also a scientific librarian at the Project--offering readers an insightful look into the daily life that supported the work of the researchers.
Hunner does not end his account at the city gates of Los Alamos but also provides side trips to Hiroshima, nuclear tests in the Pacific, and political events in Washington, D.
Bartlit, provide readers with the story New Mexico's involvement in the second world war as reflected in the stories provided through personal interviews of Navajo Marine privates, National Guard enlistees, Japanese American internees, and the men and women who worked in the wartime Special Engineer Detachment at Los Alamos fabricating the atomic bomb.
The NPDGamma collaboration has completed the construction of a pulsed cold neutron beam line on flight path 12 at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE).
In 1996, a DOE FOIA officer asserted that records from a reactor safety committee at Los Alamos National Laboratory were not classified but possibly "sensitive.
An apt motto for Los Alamos National Laboratory would be, "Even if we can't get it right, we promise to squander every dime you've got.