Lord of Misrule

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a person appointed master of revels at a Christmas celebration

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However, subtle--and not so subtle--redeployments of the Lord of Misrule figure did not belong only to the iconoclastic early reformers who opposed Catholicism.
The Lord of Misrule becomes master of ceremonies at the party if they find a pea or bean inside a special cake.
Meet the Lord of Misrule and visit Father Christmas in his grotto.
These animals inhabit rundown tracks like Indian Mound Downs, the setting of Lord of Misrule, where they race for small stakes and generally cause trouble for their already-troubled owners and jockeys.
Cast me as some kind of tyrant, Your very own lord of misrule.
Giving lie to the idea that never the twain, or, rather, the Mark Twain, shall meet; or, alternatively, giving lie to the idea that the gulf between dialect-heavy narration and literary fiction cannot be bridged by contemporary writers, Jaimy Gordoffs swampy-mouthed Lord of Misrule evokes as much the abovementioned Mississippian master of dialect as it does William Faulkner, another literary giant attentive to colloquial speech; Gordon proving in her voluptuous novel, marked by its lyrically sweeping style, that she too is attentive to spoken language's indelible rhythms, its evocative idiosyncrasies, its poetic subtleties.
During the reign of his half-sister and successor, the Catholic Mary I (1553-1558), Ferrers' activities acquired a decided murkiness in the historical record, as various Elizabethan editions of John Foxe's Acres and Monuments identified Ferrers as being arrested soon after Mary's accession in August 1553 and then attending her coronation in October, while more recent sources assert that Ferrers served as Lord of Misrule for her first Christmas court.
Jaimy Gordon must be as passionate about horses and horseracing as the ensemble of characters she has created in Lord of Misrule.
As in its first incarnation, a country lord, Squire Bracebridge, and his wife, Lady Bracebridge, preside imperiously over the festivities while the Lord of Misrule (a role originally essayed by Adams) makes merry with his bosses and the dinner guests.
Despite these efforts, Christianity remained a "danced religion," and to purge this unruly action from the Church, regularly scheduled festivities began to be allowed only outside the churches, though this restriction inadvertently led to the celebration of Carnival, with all its festal elements: feasting, drinking, and dancing, along with mocking social inversion, as demonstrated by the appointment of a Lord of Misrule (typically a peasant who, for the duration of the festival, was given the authority to "oversee" the revelry).
He is the Lord of Misrule, he's Lucifer, the man from nowhere incapable of being bribed or appeased.
Indeed that is the point of it - a reason for the youthful member of the family to become an Elizabethan Lord of Misrule figure for the night.
When the Chief Justice calls for him, the Lord of Misrule instructs his page to reply that his master is deaf.
Robert Hornback addresses costume inventories and performance records, studies of revels at the inns of court, and descriptions of Edwardian Lord of Misrule George Ferrers by an ambassador and a diarist to demonstrate that Tudor occurrences of such Lords emerged and appeared most frequently at court, colleges, and the inns under the zealously iconoclastic influence of Thomas Cromwell and Edward VI.